The Exposing of the Satanist:
by Antonio M McCoy

As I stated mostly in my previous Web Sites;
The Satanist Cults on Earth began with the arrival of the Drac Extraterrestrials from the
Constellation of Draco, millions of years ago. These Extraterrestrials are deciples of the Devil himself (call them Fallen Angels if you like), because they are what the Devil was in his material/mortal form before he became known as the Devil.

Based on actual sightings of these creatures throughout Earth Man's recorded history, they have; wings, claws, sharp teeth, horns, and tales. This is also the description of the Devil, because they are from the same origin. I saw one of these creatures On the 27th of November 1999, at 9:20 PM. The creature wings were a feathered medium brownish color. The tips of the wings had long-trailing feathers (like streamers) on the edges.

It's face resembled a dark, dark burgundy colored tough-leather, this face was also
very wrinkly with blood-red colored cracks on it. The rest of the creatures body was a dark brownish color, and the skin looked rough enough to cut a persons flesh. The enormous Wing-Span of this creature was about 20-28 feet wide. If it had stood upright on the ground it would have been at least 9 feet tall. It's wings were feathered, not skin, like many of the other stories, myths, fables, and hollywood movies suggest.

According to U.F.O. reportings and Alien sighting data bases the Drac's and other particular Reptilian Creatures are deceptive, very powerful, and very quick. They are said to be able to change their appearance to look like Human's. This was also a power of the "Giant Feathered Serpent" Quetzalcoatl, in ancient times. According to legends, on occasion Quetzalcoatl disguised himself as a Bearded Caucasian Man.

Then there was Tezcaticpoca, he was associated with night and darkness, and was said to be invisible, sometimes appearing to men as a flying shadow or a dreadful monster. Both were worshiped through out Mexico, South America, and the America's. Drac's are also said to have the ability to hypnotize with their eyes, paralyze with their touch, and manipulate Frequency and/or Dimensional Barriers. This allows them to appear and disappear in an instant, thus occupying the same time and space as we do, but remain undetected by our eyes.

Many of the ancients called them the "Giant Feathered Serpents", these creatures visited and advised many early Earth Civilizations, the Aztec's in pre-Columbian times were one of them. After it's visit the Aztec started to indulged themselves in bloody ritual satanic sacrifices. These sacrifices were taught to them by the Giant Feathered Serpent, which was actually an Evil Reptilian Extraterrestrial, A Drac.

Others have called these creatures; Gargoyles, Moth Men, Serpents, Goat Men, Drakon, Drakaina, Derekein, Typhon, Draco, Draca, Guivre, Gargouille, Asag, Linnorm, Drakon, Zmaj, Drage, Draak, Draakon, Lohe, Lohemadu, Tuuleuss, Erensuge, Lohikaarme, Arach, Sarkany, Dreki, Riong, Ejdeha, Tarakona, Smok, Drache, Patala, Mo-o, Naga, Tatzlworm, Draig, Jormungander, Fafnir, Drauc, Tetsu, Kitchi-at'husis,  Tiamat, Sirrush, Nagas, Zhichong, Shenwu, Tushou, Linchong, Yushi, Bunyip, Vampires, Dracula, Ushumgal, Garuda's, The Smokey God, The Great Fiery Flying Serpent, and The Giant Feathered Serpent God.

In the Holy Bible they were assocated with Serpents and Snakes. In the Book of Genesis Eve was deceived by one of them. Later Hebrew, American Indian, Aztec, and Hindu Prophets had all warned that in the "End of Days", we will encounter Dragons, Leviathans and Serpent Gods, and they shall arrive as the harbingers of terror and death. They are the "Wild Animals" spoken of in Biblical Revelations 6.8. They are also some of the False God's that were worshiped by early Civilizations on Earth. These are the False God's that demanded human and other sacrifices, Animal and Human mutilations.

Today these very Drac's are responsible for many Animal (mostly Cattle) and Human mutilations, that are occurring all around the World. The victims are usually found without their bodily fluids, these fluids are including Blood. Before, during, and after the mutilations Alien U.F.O. Craft are almost, and always seen in the area of the mutilation/s. Black Helicopters, Giant Flying Reptilian Creatures (the Drac's), and other Smaller Reptilian Creatures (mostly the Chupacabra's) are also seen in the area.

They are all "Blood Creatures", and they are responsible for the mutilations. They devour blood and stalk prey at night, these Creatures origin/s are Extraterrestrial. This is why the Alien U.F.O. Craft are seen in the mutilation areas. These Creatures are highly technological advanced beings, but they still indulge in their early primitive habits. Other Alien Beings, such as the Type-A Grey/Gray Aliens mutilate animals also. They remove Animal Hearts and other Organs so that they can deliver them to their Reptilian Drac masters, because the Drac's have a need for Blood also.

The Drac's also created another race of Reptilian/Serpent beings on Earth, these beings
influenced early civilizations of Earth Men with their Satanic worship also. These Satanic worships found their way to civilizations in Babylon, Egypt, Europe, South East Asia, China, South America, the America's, etc...

In South America they became known as; Quetzacotal, Snake people.
In Brazil; Iara.
In Central America; Quetzacota, Kukulcan.
In Mexico; Quetzacotal, Tezcaticpoca, Kukulcan, Tlaloc, Amphitere.
In North America; Quetzacotal, Reptilian Monsters.
In Africa; Cosmic Serpent, Aido-Hwedo, Great Serpent, Lebe.
In Egypt; Tefnut, Nehebu-Kau, Apep, Seth.
In The Middle East; Dragon, Snake, Ancient Serpent, Lotan, Azhi Dahaka, Illuyankas,
                                                                                 Hedammu, Ningizzida.
In India; Serpent, Winged Beings, Shiva, Vasuki, Adhisesha.
In China; Dragon, Winged Serpent, Dragon Kings, Celestial Dragon, Kung Kung.
In South East Asia; Dragon, Serpent Kings.
In Japan; Taka-Okami, Susanoh.
In the Philippines; Mameleu, Marcupo.
In Solomon Islands; Aguna.
In New Guinea; Wunekau.
In Australia; The Great Snake, Rainbow Snake, Dhakhan,  Julungul, Galeru, Ungur,
                 Wonungur, Worombi, Yurlungeur, Kalseru, Langal, Ungud, Wullunqua, Muit.
In England; Dragon, Dewi.
In Greece & Italy; Aescepulus, Ladon, Python.
In Scandinavia; Sky Dragons, World Serpent, Fafnir.

Now that I have exposed the Satanic Extraterrestrial origin/s, I will now expose their established brotherhood, cult, sects, associations, and religions on Earth:
They established the "Brotherhood of the Snake", or the "Brotherhood of the Dragon".
These were a group of evil peoples (before the Flood of Noah) from our earliest
civilizations that worshiped the Serpents, Snakes, Dragons, and/or Reptilian's, which were the Drac's. They have existed till this very day, and today these cults have many names, which I have listed some of them below and others on my other Web Sites. They also created the "False Church System" that so many unsuspecting people follow today. Here is the evidence that exposes it:

The "Brotherhood of the Snake", "Brotherhood of the Dragon", or "Serpent Cult" resurfaced in the "Nimrod" created BABYLON after the Flood of Noah. Nimrod was also the first to establish a "One World Order", after the Flood.

                           Genesis 10.8
                                            Cush had a son named Nimrod,
                                             who became the world's first great conqueror.

Cush was the eldest son of Ham, Ham was one of the son's of Noah. Nimrod and his wife/partner "Semiramis" ruled in wickedness together. The Lord separated their wicked cult and destroyed their "One World Order", before the completion of the "Tower of Babylon". God relocated their ex-subjects (probably by Extraterrestrial Craft) to new locations around the Earth. Did their wickedness spread with them? Yes it did, because according to biblical scriptures, as well as historical evidence, Babylon is the mother and/or originator of all paganism as we know it.

Later Semiramis bore "Tammuz". Tammuz was Nimrod reincarnate. He later became known as a Babylonian God and was worshiped by the women of "Jerusalem", as well as today's Satanist. The wicked Babylonian Cult, God's, and practices had spread over the Earth, to EDOM, AMMON, MIDIAN, EGYPT, CANNAN, ISRAEL, etc... After the Israelites war with the Cannanites, the Israelites began to intermingle with the inhabitants of Cannan, thus adopting many of their wicked ways and occult practices. Israel and the rest of the world became more wicked, corrupt, and idollistic.

Then the new and so-called religious priest or sect, "The Pharisees", and their religious practices were created by the Babylonian practices, and the "Kabbalah". During the Israelites exile in Babylon (after their defeat at the hands of the Babylonian's), the Babylonian's successfully mixed the truth from the Israelites religious practices (God's words) with their occult practices. The wickedness of ancient Babylon had become a permanent part of Israel, and so the Pharisees was born.

Later the Egyptian Cult practices (learned from the Babylonian's) found their way to the Empire of Rome during the Roman take-over in Egypt also. The Egyptian "Black Gnostic" (Serpent Cults) gave rise to the "Bavarian Illuminati", because the Roman's brought it to the Germanic Tribes they attempted to conquest.

When "JESUS" the man lived on Earth he openly challenged the Pharisees, because they were using the name of God for their own evil, and misguided practices. They had begun the False Church. Of course they challenged Jesus and had him crucified, and this is how his followers are treated by those Pharisees descended Churches today.

After the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus of Rome, the False Church's power base relocated to Rome. Later the "Roman Catholic Church", the position of the "Pope", and the "Vatican" was created by the Romans, and the descendants of the Pharisees. This is the base of today's World Church System.

Then the Nomadic German Hordes that conquered Rome inherited those evil practices also. The Nomadic German Hordes gave rise to the Bavarian Illuminati, which gave rise to the Bravarian THULE Society and many of the other European-based Racist and Fascist cults, groups, and societies. This is the base of today's Racist Movement. Todays Racism is deliberately taught and constantly feed to us because they wish it to continue.

While in power the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, and the Vatican has maintained it's wealth and power through; deceit, witchcraft, occult practices, sabotage, and murder. They have bought, killed, and controlled Kings and leaders of countries. Started crusades against the innocent and claimed the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then the European-based Racist and Fascist Cults, groups, and societies started and financed wars to over-throw peaceful governments, while they undermined the efforts of the other races.

Today our society is woven with Demonic and Satanic Cults that has manipulated their way into Government and Religious control around the World. Many which are very obvious throughout the World. Groups, Cults, and Secret Societies such as; the "Bilderbergers", the "Order of the Illuminati", the "32nd Degreed Masters", the "White Brotherhood", the "Lucis Trust", and the "Freemasons" are all Cults of Evil Demonic and Satanic worshipers. Other Secret Societies are; the Golden Dawn, the Holy Grail, the Prieure De Sion, the Rennes Le Chateau, the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights, the Vril Society, the United Nations, etc...

Now I will expose their current operations and supporters:
Lets start with today's Eight major Satanic Holidays, during these holidays thousands of peoples (mainly Children) are missing each year. Most of these missing persons become victims of Satanic Worships. It is reported that they are used for Bloody Satanic Sacrifices, where their Hearts are ripped out of their body's while they are living. It is also reported that the beating Hearts are then devoured by the Satanist. This should come to no surprise to us because this exact type of activity occurred during the time of the Aztec Civilization in Mexico and Central America, and many others.

Other Civilizations on Earth adopted the Satanic Calendar as their own, from "Stone Henge", to the "Big Horn Medicine Wheel", to the many other Megaliths, Temples, Pyramids, and Mounds around the Earth, "THESE WERE/ARE ALL CALENDARS THAT MARK THE SACRIFICIAL PERIODS OF THE SATANIC CALENDAR". Ancient Earth Men were obsessed with these periods of time because the Alien False Gods (Drac's) demanded sacrifices during them.

In those times men lived in fear of failing to provide sacrifices to the False Gods. This fear was the cohersion of the Aliens, which was used to turn the ancients peoples to the practices of wicked Satan worship. This wickedness is also the reason why many of those Civilizations perished.

Satanist also use the Pentagram as their Sacred Symbol, The earliest known examples of it being used by Earth Men were found on pieces of stone in the Babylonian ruins dated at about 7000 Years B.C. Remember that Babylon is the mother of all wickedness in our time, this helps to explain why. The Pentagram was adopted by many nations thereafter. It possesses the original design of the "STAR", this is the same Star that is present on Flag/s, Military Insignia's, etc... This is the Star that was taught to us in Grade School and there after.

You can easily see that the Star within the Pentagram is actually five separate Arrows, that point in five separate directions. This stands for the "OUTWARD CONQUEST" of Satanism. The original design of the Pentagram more than likely arrived on Earth with the Drac Extraterrestrials, millions of years ago. The Drac's are one of the oldest races in the Universe and their primary goal is to conquest other worlds.

The symbol of the Pentagram was also used to construct (in 1941 to 1943) a building called the; "Pentagon" in washington, D.C. Both of these symbols are open admissions by a Government that they are Demonic and Satanic Worshipers. The Pentagon building is only the center of the Pentagram Star, outlining places of worship within the City complete the Star.

Then there is the "Washington Monument", It is the world's tallest Obelisk. Obelisk were created in Egyptian Mythology several thousands of years ago, created to represent the male reproductive organ in it's erect, sexually aroused state. All satanist or occultists believe that the spirit of the Sun God, Ra, resided within each obelisk.

Then the entire city of Washington D.C. was laid out/designed in the so-called Sacred Geometry fashion. The teaching of this Sacred Geometry was taught-to and passed-down to; Priest, Magi, Shamans, Free Masons, and other such persons. The designer of Washington, D.C. was also one of these Free Masons, his name was Benjamin Banakker. He received praise for his undertaking from another Free Mason named; Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin was a well known Free Mason, as well as a puppet of the Illumnati.

Today's Free Masons are alive and well-indulged in the practices of this Sacred Geometry. These Free Masons are sworn to loyalty to groups such as the New World Order, the Illumnati, the Bilderburgers, etc... Like their wicked ancient Extraterrestrial/  Alien masters, they wish to conquer the Earth, and they are using world governments to do so. If you think that it is impossible for an entire Government to indulge in Satanic Worship you better review their long record/history of abuses and conspiracies. One such conspiracy is as follow:

Part of the information (the Hexagram Lines only) you are about to view was viewed first at; Http://  They plotted the Hexagram Lines which brought my attention to this particular "Satanistic Plot". Before you continue on to the rest of my information on this particular Satanic Plot, please view their information first, because they deserve the credit for the Hexagram Line plotting.

I plotted the Alignment Circles, which is based on MY previous Alignment Circle theories
and techniques, which can be viewed at;

Pyramids, Ley Lines and Circles:

Earth Energies:

I also plotted the future School Shooting, Incident, and/or Future Disaster sites that accompany the Hexagram Line alignments below.

This diragram is the key to exposing this particular Satanic Plot.

Let me first start with how the Oklahoma City Bombing Site and the Waco Texas Massacre Site are exactly the same distance from the center of the Hexagram Alignments (which is also the center of my Circular Alignments) at Hope Arkansas. Notice how they are also the exact same distance from the Hexagram Lines. These locations chosen were no coincident, they were chosen by design.

Notice next how the Jonesboro Arkansas School Shooting and the Pearl Mississippi School Shooting also align exactly on the Hexagram and Circular Lines. These alignments further the conspiracy. Many call such alignments Sacred Geometry and/or Masonry. You can find out more about such subjects at sites that expose the "New World Order".

Using my Circular Alignment techniques I further plotted future site of possible School Shooting, Incidents, and/or Disasters, based on events that has already happened because the others above follow this pattern. For example in Burlington Vermont a 15 to 16 year old school student was making bomb threats to his school. The authorities later traced his telephone calls, arrested him and found Bomb Making Materials within his home.

These events will more than likely happen in areas with moderate to large populations, because the Satanist want maximum exposure after their evil deeds. These events also play a duel role because they lobby against a free democratic armed citizenry while at the same time they fulfill their evil Satanist agendas.

With this in mind I find it quite odd how Tim McVeigh was the sole plotter of the Oklahoma City Bombing. There is also proof that the U.S. Federal Government plotted the Waco Texas Massacre long before David Koresh became a "so-called" Federal Government problem. They were arial surveying the Waco Compound months before.

Then the Federal Governments F.B.I. was recently caught hiding documents from the Tim McVeigh/Oklahoma City Bombing Case. How can they simply forget about twenty five present of the documents that would favor his defense? I also find it odd how McVeigh suddenly quit the Army. I believe that the Federal Government had further employment for him as some sort of secret assassin. Whether or not McVeigh was a willing candidate, the Federal Government had something to do with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I know for a fact that two weeks prior to the bombing the Federal Government had placed many of their Military Bases on Threat Con Security Alert. At Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota we were on Threat Con Alert for exactly that amount of time. Our Base Command claimed the reason for the increased security was because an ex-military member from Texas, who was previously stationed at Minot Air Force Base, had vowed to get even with them because he thought that he was rifted from the military.

After the Oklahoma City Bombing the Threat Con Security was dropped. This is because the Federal Government knew exactly who they were watching and it wasn't the so-called ex-military member from Minot Air Force Base. If you don't believe me then check the Minot Air Force Base Security Records from that time, and/or question others who were stationed at the Base at that time. I can get names for you if you like.

If Tim McVeigh is guilty for the crime against those innocent peoples and children then he should hang for it, but I want to see others involved in the crime to hang also. As far as the so-called crime against the Federal Government some would see this as retaliation for the Waco Texas Massacre. There the Federal Government deliberately plotted and murdered innocent men, women, and children. This was a New World Order Satanic act, as I explained in my Web Site called;

The New World Order Information Pamphlet:

I have made my findings known to many, including the defense attorneys of Tim McVeigh with the hopes of McVeigh releasing the real truth (if he knows) behind the Oklahoma City Bombing, because the truth needs to be told. There have been also those who have studied the effects of a Fuel-Fertilizer Bomb and they have stated that McVeighs bomb could not have done all of the damage to the building. So the conspiracies continue. Now let me show you other conspiracies.

In this Church Age (which has existed since the death of Jesus the man), the original Hebrew Calendar has also become corrupted by the Satanistic Roman's and their Roman Catholic Church. They have falsely Christianized old Pagan and Satanic Holidays, giving them Christian names, in the same way they falsely Christianized themselves.

Holidays such as; May-Day, and the May 1st celebrations are all Pegan and Satanic. On 30 April to 1 may is the Satanic celebration of "Beltaine". This holiday is one of the most powerful of the Satanic Sabbats, second only to Halloween. Halloween Night, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday are also Great Sabbats of the Lunar Calendar for Satanist. They are festivals of evil that include animal sacrifice, ritualistic child abuse, rape and murder.

Below is my Grand Satanic Calendar, please print a copy and distribute it, because everyone must be warned of their evil actions:

Just about all of our holidays are disguises for older, previously established Pagan ones. These clever disguises were necessary, in order to keep the mass public in the spirit of celebration during those times. That way the unsuspecting mass public will be in a synchronized celebration with the very Pagan and Satanic Forces that originally created those holidays. So in future time, after the Satanist have taken over the world they will
re-institute the original holiday names, and the mass public will celebrate them as usual.

There are other Pagan and Satanic important days that are not holidays, one of them is the date of March 25th. This day is called Stork Day, which also stands for the birth of. It is also said that Snakes came out of their burrows on this day, it is the rise of the Snakes and the Beast. Remember that Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons represent Satan also, which brings me to the European Union. It is the Beast spoken of in;

 Revelation 13.1
"Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea. it had ten horns and seven heads".

On 25 March 1957 the Treaty of Rome was the basis of the European Union, it started the; European Economic Community (EEC), the European Common Market, the European Atomic Community (Euratom), and transferred national sovereignty of separate European Countries to the European Community or future Union.

Another day is the Aries Taurus Cusp, "The Day of Worldly Challenge", the dates are from the 19th to the 21st of April. Aries' personality is; "I AM" (Impulsive and Energetic), while Taurus' is; "I HAVE" (Materialistic), so being born on the 19th of April is an energetic personality, and the 21st is a materialistic personality. Being born on the 20th produces a person with both personalities, a conquer. Here are a few famous examples;

Catherine the great of Russia----------born on 21 April 1729
Napoleon III-----------------------------born on 20 April 1808
Adolph Hitler----------------------------born on 20 April 1889
Queen Elizabeth III----------------------born on 21 April 1926

Note how these conquers/tyrants are of European origin, they are more than likely from the same blood-line. It is a known fact that they all supported or support the World Bank, the Global Power Elite, the Worlds Shadow Government and global conquest. Many World Leaders like these (including the Clinton's and other Presidential Families) were known and confirmed Mystics, etc. Those are just fancy names for Satanist.

The Official Flag of the European Union is also a representation of the Satanic Calendar.
They are obviously letting the world know that they are the Beast spoken of in Biblical Revelation 13.1, and they are basically saying "here I am, and there's nothing you can do about it". This attitude of there's is nothing new, since the times of the evil Nimrod they have openly displayed that they are Satanist, through the display of the All Seeing Eye and the Pyramid. Their Seal is even on our American Dollar.

On our so-called "Great Seal", within that Seal is an Eye, that Eye represents the ability of a government to oversee and control all of it's people. Such a government will be able to do just that in the future, the One World Government of the New World Order. Below the Eye is a Pyramid, it represents outward expansion and connection. The expansion is the reach of the New World Government, their reach will extent through out the world. The connection is it's ability to control all the separate nations on the Earth, because there will be none after their take-over.

Above the Pyramid is the words; "ANNUIT COEPTIS", it means he (the Devil) has favored our undertaking, the our is the "Illuminati", the undertaking is the One World Government. Below the Pyramid is the words; "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM", which means a new order for the ages, a New World Order. In 1776 the Great Seal of the United States was approved, the "MDCCLXXVI" on the bottom of the Pyramid marks the date.

The person responsible for the design and the lobbying for this seal was Benjamin Franklin, because he was a known Illuminist. Many people believe the Great Seal date coincided with that of the Declaration of Independence, it did not. The date of 1 May, 1776 marks the formation of the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt, another known European Illuminist. 1 May is also a date on the Satanic Calendar (May Day, Beltane, Lady Day, the Grand Satanic Climax). This was an oath by the Satanist to continue their quest for a One World Government. A quest that started in the ancient Babylonian times by the evil Nimrod.

The All Seeing Eye was a symbol of ancient times. The Babylonian's and the Egyptian's displayed it in many forms, one of them was "UDJAT" or the "Eye of Horus". It also refers to Lucifer. It was the most common hieroglyphic symbol in Egyptian thought, and the key to their religion. Udjat is an eye from the pagan Egyptian God HORUS, his cult spread through out Egypt, then to Roman, then to Bavaria. From there the Bavarian Illuminati was created, this is where Benjamin Franklin got his Great Seal design (that is on the American One Dollar bill) from.

Then there is the "Lucis Trust", that was formerly known as the "Lucifer Trust". It is a Occult Character of the United Nations. The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the "New Spirituality" (which is just a fancy name for Satanist) and the gathering of "New World Order" based Occultist and freemasons.

Then the United Nations dictates to it's chartered members (nations), and it's agenda is a global conquest, for the sake of Lucifer. In order to accomplish this the need to destroy Christianity, Christian's, and the teachings of Christ. Today they are attempting to separate Church from State. The Separation of Church and State regulates and controls peoples religious choices and beliefs. This is only a move to destroy Christianity, for the sake of Lucifer.

Then they attack the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian way of life with the
Executive Order #13107, which was signed by President Clinton on December 10, 1998.
It states that a Christian and/or Patriot Web Site that preaches and promotes biblical standards of right and wrong can now be targeted for censorship by the "Internet Cyber Patrol" It is the world's most powerful Internet Police Agency, and is owned by the "Learning Company".

The Learning Companies allies that will further the censorship are; A.O.L., A.T.&.T., Bell Atlantic, Compu Serve, I.B.M., Microsoft, Netscape, and the Scholastic Network. Censorship of Christian's is only the work of Devils. In 1995 I wrote a book called "Spread The True Gospel", in this book I explained the real reason for the Internet. In this book I said that "It was created by Satan to manipulate the masses of the world". It is his World Wide Web, a trap.

After I realized that, I had refused to join or use the Internet, but later I realized that I could use Satan's tool against him. Over 2000 Web pages and 340 Web Sites later here I am. This is why the government wish to censor the Internet, because of free speechers like myself. They wish to eliminate the opposition to Satan so that he can freely use his Web against the world, spreading Satanism and lies.

Recently a friend of mine ("alexander ilic"  " ) found out that ["www" like in www.something.somewhere means 666, because the small written "w" means "6" in the old hebrew language. This is why they call it world wide web, and not world wide net]. Many members of our government know this also but hide it from the public because they are Satanist.

The Federal Government is currently attempting to require Libraries, Home users, and/or Internet Service Providers to use Blocking Programs. This is yet another tool to censor information they do not want the public to see. !Christian information and Information like mine. Ask yourself this question; "What and why are they trying to hide?" Answer; there guilty of satanism and corruption.

An example of this censorship is currently being demonstrated on various U.S. Military Bases. Individuals there have experienced the blocking of certain Web Sites, Web Sites like the ones that expose "The New World Order". Ask yourself another question; "Why does the Federal Government block peoples from viewing information about the New World Order?" Answer; they are part of the New World Order, and they support Satanist.

Then they have successfully removed religion from Public Schools. Why? Because they wish to destroy the good of God and establish the evils of Satan. Since religion has been removed from Public School there has been an increase of violence, drugs, and illiteracy.
In fact society today is filled with these negative things, and you don't have to go far to notice them, just turn on your Television Set.

Today the satanist are deliberately attempting to spread throughout the world, especially in the United States of America. They are currently recruiting new members through the use of Drugs, by lacing Marijuana Joints and Crack Cocaine with Heroin. This causes the so-called occasional Marijuana and Cocaine users to become hard-core Heroin junkies. It is a known fact that there is a Heroin epidemic in America, and the Satanist are the cause of it.

Then their dependency in the drug is used against them, used to steer them into the very satanic cult that addicted them in the first place. This gains them the new members they desire. They supply the need for Heroin to the new addicts for the cost of satanic worship. The Satanist are going around the country buying up Bars, Discos, and other Social Clubs. That way they can lace drinks, joints, and cocaine, thus creating a nation of addicts.

I have one such example of many such incidents that occurred in a Burlington, Vermont Bar. I was told this story by my sister in law, and to her surprise I later confirmed to her that the action of the individuals involved in her story, were the actions of Satanist. She also told me that they made several attempts to recruit her, and when that did not work they attempted to kill her, because she knew to much about their strange actions. She fled to my location because no one in her home town believed her. In fact her own mother laughed at her.

Then during her flee, the local Burlington Vermont Satanist followed her and attempted to blow-up her Greyhound Bus. When the bomb was found, the Greyhound Company took the matter very seriously, and changed the Bus. On the other Bus she noticed that there were Federal "type" Agents onboard the Bus, she claimed that they escorted her for the rest of her journey.

Her story in her own words can be read by clicking on this link: THE VERMONT CULT

I believe that those Federal "type" Agents escorted her because they suddenly devised a plan to attempt another "Hit" on myself, because they were unsuccessful in the past.

Click Here To Read Of The Previous Attempts

This time they will attempt to use the excuse that someone was after her, and got me in the process, that way they could use that as an excuse to cover their own wicked and murderous actions. That way no one will be suspicious and I will not become a Martyr. Because they do not want you to know that what I have been speaking of (in my many Web Sites, click below) is the truth. This is why I am telling you this now, that way they will not be able to cover-up their tracks, their actions, and the conspiracy.

Any honest ("Ha") Law Enforcement Officials reading this should make arrangements to at least check these Bars and Clubs out, because the Burlington, Vermont Police all seem to be in on the conspiracy. In fact honest Law Enforcement Officials around the world should take the same actions for their local Bars, Clubs, Police Departments, etc...
Take a closer look at your Departments, your Local Governments, your State and/or Regional Governments, and your Federal Governments.

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