By Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.
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Some of the earliest people in the America's were people of the Negritic African Race, who entered the America's perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago. Then by way of the Bering Straight 30,000 thousand years ago. In a worldwide maritime undertaking that included journeys from the then wet and lake (or called an Inland Sea) filled Sahara towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Then from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean towards the America's. According to the Gladwin Thesis; "their ancient journeys began, particularly about 75,000 years ago and included Black Pygmies, Black Negritic peoples, and Black Australoid's similar to the Aboriginal Black people of Australia and parts of Asia, including India."

Also the dark-skinned peoples from MU populated North America in larger populations, because MU was almost connected to North America in the west. While most of North America was covered by ice, South America, Central America, and Mexico was populated (exclusively) with dark-skinned peoples from MU. Many of which migrated to the high North America regions after the ice receded. It's said that a lot of the MU/Lemurian's migrated to California, in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, California.

Recent finds of monumental carvings (Desert Geoglyphs) and inscriptions buried in the soil of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (much like those at Nasca) are further evidences of an ancient civilization of great culture that once existed there. There are also Strange Symbols that are said (by some Native American Indian Tribes) to have been left behind by MU/Lemurian's. The Symbols were found at:
Del Norte-Colorado
Silver City-New Mexico
Fillmore, Cedar City, and Logan-Utah
Mount Shasta, Freemont, and Lone Pine-California
Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming

All of these Strange Symbols, writings, and ruins are obviously remnants of MU and Lemuria. Which all have displayed a degree of Technically Advanced Peoples. So who else but the MU/Lemurian's could have left these things behind? Many other so-called researchers and White Scholars always seem to fail to mention MU/Lemuria. For obvious reasons, because the civilization consisted of Black, Brown, and Red Peoples. They then take all of the Artifacts from MU/Lemuria and claim them as being Atlantean. That way they can say that the White Race accomplished everything.

Today many of these Ancient MU Indian Tribes are all but forgotten (ignored) by history. They are also ancestors to many of today's mysteriously originated Native American Indian Tribes. The North American Indian Tribes are a collective of many peoples from around the world. Today's many tribes were made-up of peoples from early; Africa, Europe, South America, Polynesia, Australia, and Asia. !You see, the North American Indian Tribes (at least the ones that are left) are related to peoples from every Continent on Earth.

Around 50,000 B.C. Black Australoid's from Australia and proto African Blacks from the South Pacific reach South America (Brazil) and spread to the rest of the America's. According to a British Broad Cast (BBC) Documentary called "Ancient Voices", "prehistoric skulls found in Brazil match those of the Black Aboriginal Peoples of Australia and Melanesia." Other evidence suggests that these were some of the first American's and they were later massacred by invaders from Asia who crossed the land bridge much later. Stone tools and Charcoal from the site at Serra Da Capivara in Brazil show evidence of human habitation as far back 50,000 years ago.

In the thick jungles of Panama and Colombia exist other African descended tribes. They are the Afro-Darienite "Indians", who are 100 percent of Negro African racial stock. These are among the many Blacks who lived in the America's, long before the White Columbus, and were the builders of many of the Mysterious Civilizations that archeologists continue to falsely pretend that they have no idea who built. Of course the Blacks who built them still exist there today.

Ancient Mexico's civilization began around 195,000 B.C. These early peoples worshiped the Sun God just as the Ancient Egyptian's did. These were the same type of Sun God's that were also worshipped in MU. Mexico was simply a colony of MU. Other civilizations that worshiped the Sun and Sun God's were; the Hindus, the Japanese, and the Chinese. It's not a coincidence because all of these civilizations were connected with MU.

The Olmec's in Mexico preserved evidence of their existence through "Stone" in North America, just as the Ancient Egyptian's did in Egypt. They were undeniably dark-skinned African and dark-skinned Polynesian peoples, but you still have so-called researchers and scholars attempting to discredit them as being dark-skinned African and Polynesian-types. The Olmec's were from MU and Atlantis. The population of MU was a combination of African and Polynesian looking peoples. The Olmec's are also the ancestors of the Mayan peoples, and the Mayan's were red and black peoples.

The Original "Black" Mayan's

The Original "Black" Mayan's

Now the Olmec Heads above resemble those of African and Chinese-mixed peoples. As indicated by the Olmec Stone. The Stone Heads are also far older than are suggested. So Mexico's earliest civilization, the Olmec's were just the descendants of an earlier civilization from MU.The Olmec's were also clever mathematicians and astronomers who produced very accurate calendars. In fact they kept accurate records of global catastrophes, and they were also aware of the Planet Nibiru. Today we are very aware of the ancient Mayan Calendar predictions, of a great global catastrophe that will happen in the year 2012. This prediction was originally passed down by the Olmec's and their ancient ancestors from MU. The Olmec's passed down their knowledge to the Maya's, who's practices were very similar to those of the Ancient Egyptian's. Similar because the origins of both their ancient ancestors came from MU.

The Washitaw, the Black Californian's, the Jamassee, the Califunami (Kalifunami), and other pre-Columbian Blacks of North America were mostly descendants of a prehistoric trade network that began in Africa and spread worldwide over 100,000 years ago, and at various periods afterwards. Many of these peoples migrated to MU, Lemuria, and Atlantis, but some are exclusively from MU.

The Black Californian came from MU, to occupy the Western American coast over 75,000 years ago. The Washitaw Peoples were direct descendants from MU, that mass migrated to America around 27,000 years B.C. They called America "Washitaw de  Dugdahmoundyah". Around 10,000 B.C. the Washitaw Mound builders of the South Western U.S. build Mounds and were engaged in agriculture and maritime activity as well as trade and commerce, in the Mississippi Region. They of who were invaded by the Lighter Skinned Mongolian's from Asia. These being the Mongolian Invaders who had crossed the Ice Bridge that had existed then, between Alaska and Russia (Asia). These Mongolian Invaders who competed and warred with. And also drove most of the Black Indian Tribes further south then.

Then once the White Europeans arrived. So many thousands of years later. They then cut a deal with the Mongoloid Invaders, "FALSE INDIAN'S". To pass themselves off as the True Natives of this country then. In exchange for their "federal recognition". Which they still so falsely enjoy to this day. Then any so-called "Native American Indians" that stood with their original Black Brother and Ancestors, were hunted down and warred upon. By both the White European's, and by the Mongoloid Indians Invaders then. Like the Sue, the Lakota, and the Dakota Indians. They of who are all Mongolian-Based. And this is exactly why tribes like the Sue, the Lakota, and the Dakota Indians, were so favored by the Whites at first. Because they assisted the white exterminate our peoples. Or to drive us off of their lands. Of course the very whites they assisted, later betrayed them as well. Serves them right then.

And that's when "those" Indian Wars began. Which were the last of the Indian Wars. Because the first of the Indian Wars were against our peoples. And the last of the Indian Wars was the betrayal by the White Man. As he broke treaty after treaty with his Ex-partners in Crime. There were actually three wars then. That lasted about 20 years each. That happened between the so-called American Revolution and the Civil War. And the original "Trail of Tears" (because there was several of them) involved mostly Blacks, and not Red Indians. Because 90% of those "Indians"(which is a word that  means "Indigo", and means black or dark/blue-black) were actually re-classified as Negroes by the White Government. And they fought against the remainders of us Moors then. The Moors who were the Black Indian's then. And here now is a Table of the Black North American Indian Tribes that existed before the White's of Europe came here:
(Mound Builders)
Alcatraz Island Indians
& Cherokee
Black Indian's  of the Piegans
Black Tribal 
Bodega Bay Indians
Creek (Muscogee)
Crescent City Indians
Eel River Indians
Erie Nation
Erie Indian
Estalusti of the Seminoles
Euchee (Yuchi)
Fall River
Gay Head
Herring Pond
Humboldt Bay Indians
Mulatas y Mulatos and Mestizos
Native's of the Rancherias
(Mound Builders)
Pit River Indians Pomo Punkapoag
Rogue River Indians
Sogkanote Pequot
Stockbridge Tribe
Trinity River Indians
Tututni Walla Walloos
(Mound Builders)
(Mound Builders)
The First Indian Wars against the White European Invader's were fought between the Original "BLACK" Indian Tribes here below, and the White European Invader's. One of the earliest violent clashes between Original Black Indians and Whites took place in 1636 in Connecticut. When White Colonists attacked the principal village of the Black Sogkanote Pequots. About 600 Indians were killed, and the Pequot Tribe was virtually destroyed. In 1675 various Indian Tribes in New England formed an alliance to resist white settlement. It was led by Massasoit's son Metacomet, who was called King Philip by the White Colonists. One of the most tragic of all the conflicts between the White Colonists and the Black Indians was King Philip's War. In 1662 Metacomet (Philip) succeeded his father as chief of the Wampanoags. He tried for some years to keep peace and to meet the demands of the White Settlers. But the Settlers continued to increase in numbers and advanced more into the Black Indians' Lands.

This triggered a bloody war that involved the Nipmucs and Narragansets, as well as the Wampanoags. Up and down the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts and in the Plymouth and the Rhode Island Colonies the war raged. The Indians raided and burned settlements and killed men, women, and children. The White Colonists resorted to similar measures and gradually cleared the region of Indians. Philip was hunted down in a swamp in Rhode Island and killed on Aug. 12, 1676. At his death the war in Southern New England was over. By the end of the 1600s, the Black Indians' struggles for their land became caught up in a series of wars between England and France for dominance in North America then. Some Indians aided the English, while others aided the French. This was the beginning of the end for the Black Indian Tribes. As the White Settler's also employed the False Mongolian Indian's in their war against our Black Indian Tribes as well. You didn't hear about the First Indian Wars that occured before the War of American Independance. Which our Black Peoples fought against the White Invaders from Europe then. Almost like it has been "BLANKED" from American History? !Why? So the White Government can hide the fact that North America use to be ours. Between the times of the end of the War of Independence, and the beginning of the Civil War. Our Black Indian Peoples had lost all of their lands by then. We took them in as Friends when they first came to North America. Then they betrayed us after that. Taking our Lands in North America. And killing our Peoples.

Squanto. Soon after the White Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts on the Mayflower in 1620, they met a Black Indian of the Pawtuxet Tribe named Squanto. Squanto befriended them, taught them how to survive in their new land/wilderness home. Showed them how to plant crops, and acted as an Interpreter with the Wampanoag Tribe and its chief, Massasoit. Squanto was present at the first Thanksgiving celebration held by the White Pilgrims. In 1605 when he was taken to England by George Weymouth. Nine years later he was taken back to North America by Captain John Smith. Shortly afterward he was seized by an English Ship Captain, along with other Indians, and sold into slavery in Malaga, Spain. He eventually escaped, returned to England, and was taken back to New England in 1619. There he learned that his Tribe had died from an Smallpox Epidemic, brought by the English Colonists. He therefore went to live among the Wampanoag near present-day Plymouth, Mass. Because Squanto could speak English well, Governor William Bradford asked him to serve as his Ambassador to the Indian Tribes. Late in 1622 he became ill while guiding an expedition around Cape Cod. Squanto died in Chatham Harbor, Nov 1622. Early in 1621 another Black Indian named Samoset introduced Squanto to the Pilgrim Settlers.

Powhatan (Wahunsonacock) (1547-1618), Chief of Powhatan Indian Confederacy in Virginia at time of first English Settlement. He was the leader of an Algonquian-speaking Confederacy in Virginia. He established generally peaceful trade relations with the English. He was also the Father of Pocahontas.

The Black Delaware (Lenni-Lenape) Indian Tribe, were from the Confederation of American Indian Tribes. And lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The Black Choctaw were one of Five Civilized Tribes, in Southern Mississippi and Alabama.

The Black Chickasaw were of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

The Black Cherokee, who originally lived in mountain region of Virginia, the Carolina's, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

The Great Seminole Indian Tribe's name. "Siminole", means "RUNAWAY". As per "Runaway Slaves". Because they were originally an All Black Indian Tribe. The Estalusti of the Seminole's. The Seminole Tribe whom the White Government never defeated or captured.

Mostly all of these Black Indian Tribes above were either "exterminated" by the White U.S. Government, and/or "assimilated" by the Mongolian Indian Tribes. And today these so-called "Federally-recognized" Mongolian Indian Tribes are "ALL" frauds! And that's exactly why they are "RECOGNIZED" by this Defacto Federal Government! Because they assisted in stealing-away our land here. Then on the other side of the coin, "ANY" tribes that fought alongside of us Black American Indian's, against the U.S., were treated as one of us then. And DEFINITELY NOT "recognized" today, as being North America's Original Peoples. And those so-called Federally-reconized Tribes are just Asian Mongolian in descent. "White Indian's". And a variating mixture of Mulattos, who are getting paid-off for acting like we "USE" to. And dressing how we use to dress. From the Fringes, the Beads, and the Shoes/Moccassins. As our Ancient Peoples use to dress. According to the Biblical Book of Leviticus. That entire style was stolen from our Ancient Biblical Peoples. Our peoples who came to the America's long before those Invading Mongolian Indian Tribes did. And "Our Peoples" were the Original Indian Tribes of the America's. And "NOT" todays so-called Native American Indian Tribes. Who are "Phonies".

!They are only "RECOGNIZED" today because they made deals and treaties with the White U.S. Government. Then when they were fighting their so-called "Negro War". In the process where they took the land "WE" Moors used to rule. Then they gave it to the envious and jealous Mulatto so-called "Red Indians". Who had to go through us prior, to get permission to do certain things involving the land, prior to this. Because it use to be our land. So this is why they get the Casinos and the Reservations. And also why if you as a Moor or a Black Man or Woman, (so-called African-American). Try to go to one of these tribes to be recognized as a Native American, they will treat you like trash. Then have you get a lot of D.N.A. Tests, in order to supposedly prove your ancestry. Of course an ancestry that is based on their phony american ancestry. And they will end up rejecting you then. However, a so-called "White" Man will be EMBRACED and ACCEPTED, and GRANTED tribal membership and status. Simply for CLAIMING 1/20th "Indian" ancestry!

Then the White Man's Social Security System gives benefits and pay-outs for anyone claiming to be a Native American. And so the False Mongolian Indian's then get paid, while we get preyed upon via denied benefits. While they'll give a White European Foreigner Full Benefits, credit, you name it. And we Black Moors are the rightful rulers to the land, according to their own Law Books. And not the so-called "Red" and "White" Indian's. Now according to the White Man's Law of this country. An "Indian" is nothing but a WARD OF THE STATE. And the White's can take away their benefits at any time they feel. But an Aboriginal Title SUPERSEDES any Indian Title. And we the Moors are Aboriginals in this land. So all of  the territories and possessions of this land, belongs to us. To the Aboriginal's, which is "US" so-called Black and African Americans. So we can see their evil motives now. Can't we? !We are the Moors. And the Original Hebrew Israelites also. And not Nigerian's, Ghana's, or any of our brothers, or counterparts from the African Continent. As they came to this country much later than we did. While we are Hebrew and Middle Eastern in descent. While they are strictly African in descent. And besides that, they are also peoples who held a lot of us in slavery in Africa as well. Giving-up our peoples to the White European's in the early years of the Slave Trade. Now they're over here, pretending to be us also. We are Moors and Hebrew Isrealites. We are. There's a big difference. The Moors versus the Hebrew Israelites. The Moors who actually made it to the America's long before the Hebrew Israelites did.

The Moors had conquested Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, most of the Middle East. As they also inherited all the Territory that other Arabs once held. Because the Moors were not just Black African's. They were also Lighter-Skinned Berber North African's. Arabs and Moslems. As they united together then for the same cause. And then created the Moorish Kingdom of Al Morocco or Amexem (the basis of the name America) then. Something White History hides to this day. Once acquired the Moors exploited all of Amexem. Sailing to the Amexem (the America's) way back then. But they never exploited and/or forced peoples into slavery like the White European's did later. When the White European's finally discovered the America's for themselves. They discovered that the Moors were there all alone. So were many a Black Indian Peoples. Who were the Original Indian Tribes of the America's. And it is Black Peoples who had discovered the America's. But it is also Black Peoples who were in the America's all alone. And White Discovery is only a "RE-DISCOVERY", of what we had already known. And White Discovery and White History is simply a "WHITE-WASH" of the truth.

There is an untold and a sort of hush hush history about the Moors thats like a very big secret to the White European's. Truth is the The Moors were, and are, the Aboriginal and Indigenous Inhabitants of the North, Central, South America, Mexico, Canada and all of the adjoining Islands. And they do not want us as a Black Peoples to know about that truth. The ancient Moorish Empire extended at one time from Africa and Europe to the America's anciently referred to as Amexem. The Moors inhabited the shores of Africa and the America's (North, South and Central Mexico and all the adjoininig Islands ) when the lands were still connected before a great Earthquake that occured in 1588 B.C, that caused the Atlantic Ocean to flood-over lands throughout the Region. Their Lands were so vast then, that it made the conquest of the Romans of Europe, African and the Middle East look like childs place. As you can see on my Map here. And the White European's have attempted to hide, and to over-shadow it with their own history. As they have glorified Roman conquest as if it was greater.

When the Romans entered West Africa in 46 B.C., they saw Africans and called them Maures, from the Greek adjective Mauros, meaning dark or black. It is from Mauros and the Latin term Marues that the word Moor is derived some say. Since the inhabitants of North Africa were black, the Romans and later the Europeans called them Moors. It is no coincidence that the land inhabited by the Moors was called Mauritania and Morocco, meaning "Land of the Blacks". By 708 A.D. the Arabs had overrun North Africa. After the fall of the Roman Empire (fifth century), Spain was held by a Barbaric Germanic White Tribe the Visigoths. Though they were Christians, their brand of Christianity was cruel and unjust. For this reason, Spain's Jews, Serfs, and Slavs looked favorably upon the arrival of a new civilization in which they would be able to live free of persecution.

Tarik, a great African Chief, was given the rank of general in the Arab Army and sent to raid Spain then. On April 30, 711, Tarik landed on the Spanish Coast with 7,000 troops. His troops consisted of 300 Arabs and 6,700 Native Africans (Moors). An ancient source, Ibn Husayn, recorded that these troops were "Sudanese", an Arabic word for Black people. The Moors were unstoppable, and Visigothic Spain ceased to be after their invasion of Spain. The few resisting Visigoths fled to the caves of the Cantabrian Mountains. Later in the century, the Cave Dwellers would venture out of the Cantabrian Mountains and reclaim parts of Northern Spain. Ultimately, the Moors acquired two-thirds of the peninsula, which they named Al-Andulus.

Then of course in 711 A.D. the Moors began their conquest in Europe. As it was a time when they also navigated to the America's as well. But later the next century the Viking rose-up of course. But were easily handled by our Moorish Ancestors. But then came the Norman's who the Moors fought against as well. Mostly in Italy. Then along came the Crusaders from Europe and things changed for our Moorish Ancestors a bit then. The time of the Crusades were a trying time, but we overcame the White Europeans even then. Sending them back to Europe, time and time again. So the Moors were undefeated for 781 years, as they held their many territories in Europe. Of course during that time the Mulatto Population exploded in Europe. As Black and Mulatto Kings and Queens sprung-up in Europe. But White European history tells very little of this.

Lets now look at European history, as they saw it.
The Moors were finally defeated in Spain 1492 of course. But not much mention of them before then of course. But year 1492 marked the age of disaster for us as a Moorish and Black Peoples though. As all of the Racist Whites in Europe called it the end of the Dark Ages. Meaning the end of the Dark Peoples Rule of Europe.

The European Nations had paid tribute to the Moorish Kingdom (which was capitaled in Morocco then). The Moorish Empire or dominions of Amexem, well into the 18th century though. And in the book, "United States and Barbary Powers" the English, French, Dutch, Danes, and the Swedes, were all tributary to the Black Moors. In the book "Ancient and Modern Britons", the word "Blackmail" is the result of this tribute paid to the "Black Army", or "Black Oppressors" as the English referred to them then. The Moors had control of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean then. And not even the Vikings could budge them then. And it's said that this is why the Marines sing of defeating the Moors "From the Halls of Montezuma (Mexico) to the shores of Tripoli (Libya)". Confirming in song the extent of the Moorish Empire or dominions of Amexem, or Atlantis then. Because the Moors Territory use to be Atlantis' Territory.

Then there was the "Moroccan Treaty of 1787". Where Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin worked closely with the Moors in the Continental Congress to secure this Treaty. In the Bevans collection there are over 200 letters to the Bey of Morocco from the Continental Congress. There were many Moors in the Continental Congress working with the European Masons originally taught by Moors, to form a "Novus Ordo Seclorum". As well as the "E Pluribus Unum". The Moroccan Treaty was very powerful because according to the Constitution, treaties are the "Law of the Land".

That treaty specifically deal with Moors then. The Moors were considered citizens or part of  "We the People" who ratified the Constitution then. Negro Descendants of Africans brought here by the Europeans were unprotected by the Moroccan Treaty then. As well as the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. The Moors though, were Subjects of the Emperor of Morocco. And Residents in America. And were subject in alliance with the United States of America though via the Moroccan Treaty of 1787. And could be be tried under the same Laws as the Citizens of America then. Thus trumpted-up charges could be fabricated against them then. In order to then take-away their Treaty freedom's then. As it was the case then. Since they were then consitered subject to the Laws of the Constituition then. They were then consitered to be "Negros". Instead of being "Moors". Who were no longer subject to Morocco, or protected by the Treaty. And according to the Constitution then, Negros had no right. And could be enslaved then. As they were. Betrayed by the White Europeans.

Then made Slaves. Much of the so-called African Slave Trade was fabricated. There was no trade! An independent source showing that the so-called Indians on the Eastern Seaboard, were indeed Black Moors. In a book called; "Africans and Native Americans", it shows in the book how many so-called Native American Indians were sold into slavery in Africa and Europe. This is the opposite direction in which we were taught the Slave Trade went in. These Native Americans or Indians were classified as Negroes and Blacks in the Slaves Books of Seville Spain and elsewhere then. At least 3,000 Black Morish Americans (the so-called Indians) are known to have been shipped to Europe between 1493 and 1501. With the likely total being possibly doubling that. Most were sent to the Seville area of Spain then, where they went to the Slave Markets as Negroes then. These are major contradictions to the whole Slave Trade Myth/s. Blacks were always in America! And always have been. And are the "Missing Indians". The Original Indian's.

The Slaves sold on the Slave Markets in the Southern United States, were initially the Black People from right here in this Hemisphere. As the White European's took lands, they enslaved the Original Inhabitants of those lands. Who were Blacks. The tens of millions of Americans (so-called Indians) who disappeared after 1492 did not all die in the holocaust inflicted within America. Many thousand were sent to Europe and Africa as Slaves. The whole Slave Trade Myth is that the whole story was given to us in reverse. As a Mass Colony of African's were only shipped from Africa to America only. With the word "only' being the key word here. Sure millions of Africa's were shipped to the America's from Africa. But the truth is that Black Indians were shipped from America to Europe as well! They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity for African resources. These Black Indians (then mistaken as African's) were shipped back to America and classified as African Slaves then. As part of the "CIRCLE SLAVE TRADE". Which was appropately named then.

There was indeed a kidnapping of Africans from Africa to America. Columbus' first journey in 1492 was a mission to capture Gold, but he was side tracked by the presence of the Black Moors in the America's. Columbus then sent word back to the Monarchs of Spain that there were (what he had referred to in his logs then, as the People of Queen Sheba in America). Queen Isabella then had provided Columbus with seventeen Ships, 1500 Men, Cannons, Crossbows, Guns, and Attack Dogs for the second voyage. Columbus' new mission was to conquer the West then. And not just to gather Gold. When Columbus returned to the West (Haiti) and South America in 1493, he not only took Raw Materials and resources but he abducted women as well. After a short time the Arawak Indian's resisted Columbus and on March 25, 1495 Columbus slaughtered thousands of Arawak Natives. Men, Women, and Babies. Columbus also rounded up 1500 Arawaks and shipped them to Spain then.

Other nations rushed to emulate Columbus. In 1501 the Portuguese began to depopulate the Beotuk Indians to Cape Verde as Slaves. The Black Indian slavery had destroyed the Indian Nations of the Natchez, the Yamasee, and the Pequots. When the Black Moors (Indians) of America began dying and committing suicide the labor was replaced with Slaves from the Sahara in West Africa. Also, the Gold and Silver that Columbus extracted from America had fueled a 400% inflation that eroded the Economies of non-European Nations, and helped Europe to develop a Global Market System. The same one that they enjoy today. Africa suffered a great economical blow. The Trans-Saharan Trade collapsed then because America supplied more Precious Gems than the African West Coast could. African Traders now only had one commodity that Europe wanted, Slaves! African Sultans thus sold their own Black People into slavery to Whites. It is safe to say that Columbus is solely responsible for the slavery of the Moors from West to East and from East to West.

And how ironic how that Fat Drunken, Womanizing, Italian Pig Columbus was lead to the America's by three Black Moorish Men in 1492. Christopher Columbus (who was an Italian), was employed by Spain, to explore "West Amexem" (the America's). Lands which they became aware of from Moorish Maps. He was then navigated to the America's by his African Moorish descended flag-ship navigator named; "Peoro Alonzo Nino". Apparently Peoro Alonzo Nino knew exactly where he was going because in the 8th century A.D. his Ancestors (the Moors) came to the America's long before Columbus even existed. Columbus had two other captains of Black Moorish and muslim descent with him, during his first transatlantic voyage; "Martin Alonso Pinzon" who was the captain of the PINTA, and his brother "Vicente Yanez Pinzon" who was the captain of the NINA. In 1505, Vicente Pinzón was named Commander-in-Chief and Corregidor of the city of Puerto Rico, now called San Juan. This was a first step in the colonization of the Island called Borinquén by its inhabitants and San Juan Bautista by the Spanish (now called Puerto Rico). Martin Pinzon was a more accomplished sailor than Columbus and was later granted the title Admiral of the Seas by the Spanish royalty.

Columbus first landed in the Caribbean Islands of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic). Upon his arrival he thought that he was being greeted by East Indians, because he was totally disorientated and thought that he was in India. He didn't have a clue to where he was going. Even up until the last moment. So he called the Black Peoples of the Caribbean then the "Indians". Columbus landed on a Island in the Bahamas that was called "Guanahani" by the natives, Guanahani is taken from the name Ghana, and is derived from "Mandinka" a modified Arabic word. Later Columbus re-named the Island "San Salvador". Anthropologists have proven that Ghanaian's explored many parts of North America by way of the Mississippi river systems in the 8th century, but were they there earlier? Long before Columbus' Dumb and Clueless Italian A*#.