The future of America is a Police State. In that near future many Tyrannical Leaders and the World's Global Elite, or Shadow Government, will take power. Then all sorts of unlawful events will happen (continue to happen). And all of the rights of the law abiding citizens will become infringed upon. Many of these things have already happened, but few people have bothered to even notice. Others simply ignore them, as if they will simply go away. So that they can then go-on with their lives as usual. Watching their Televisions and such. Those peoples are in for a rude awakening though. Because these things will happen, and life will not go on as usual after that. Below are the things to come. Just watch as all of these things happen in the near future. But first view my list of how the World's Global Elite, or Shadow Government has previously attempted to take-over America.

*The most rapidly rising movement in America is "NAZISM". Which is "Fascism".
*Which breeds and promotes "Racism". Which is destroying America, and the world.
*Why are laws being passed, that's allowing more Fascist-type Dictatorship in America?
*Dictators are the key elements in a Fascist State. So why is there a push to create it?
*Why is the false fight against terrorism used to hide what really being created here?
*Why is our government creating a "Police State"? Using the terrorist lie to create it?
*Is it all a government plot. To take over America? It's that obvious. Isn't it to you?
*Why is it that many of our Political Officials (like George Bush) have Nazis ties?
*Why are the Nazis (Neo-Nazis, Skin Heads, etc...) allowed to operate in America?
*Nazism is evil. It relates to Satan or the Devil, and their evil actions prove just that.
*Nazis are evil peoples who have displayed their evil in history. History does not lie.
*They are not the Master Race. Neither; intellectually, physically, or spiritually.
*Maybe that's why their always claiming to be the Master Race. To convince themselves.
*White superiority is a lie. Superior peoples are educated peoples. Not ignorant Nazis.
*Most of them do not even know the history of the Nazis, and the Aryan's for that matter.
*Most of then don't even know that the Aryan's are God's Final Enemy. Gog and Magog.
*Gog and Magog, the White Peoples from the Extreme Northern Regions of the World.
*Aryan's are all Evil Peoples. Not good righteous peoples. They are Murders and Racist.
*Traitors that lie amongst us. Poisoning our way of life and peace. They are the Terrorist.

The liars of the White Supremacy Movement considers White People to be superior to people of other (and of mixed) races and/or ethnicity's. The White Supremacy Movement operates on the basic premise that all Non-white Races should be exterminated or forced to live separately from Whites. White Supremacist Groups have false and twisted religiously based beliefs, or simply believe that Races should not mix. I say that's a bunch of Bull S#!*. Simply because they have to use something to give their obvious and blatant lie support. Many of them claiming that they are Christian's and such. Christian means "Christ Like". Meaning like our Lord Jesus Christ. He who never attempted to exterminate or murder anyone, like they do, or are planning to do. And furthermore, where is it in the Bible where it's said that they could? And the basis for such murdering actions? And their separatist actions?

They who go around screaming so-called "White Power" and other !crap. Yet they have done nothing to deserve it at all. Not willing to take-up arms for their own country, but willing to start trouble within it instead. Then as soon as you put the real truth in their faces, all they can do is yell and scream. So they can drown-out the truth then. Them then willing to burn and bomb Black Churches and such then. Them then willing to harass and kill Black Children. Real manly they all are. If they were the so-called Men they claimed to be, then they would take their White a%#* somewhere to fight for the country. Instead of causing fights within the country. !White Cowards. The; the Aryan's, the Skinheads, the KKK, and the Nazis. They're all just "WHITE COWARDS" who prey of Defenseless Minorities. The Old, the Young, and the Weak. The Evil Nazi Party that of course began prior to World War II. The Evil Racist Skinheads following them. With the KKK having a much earlier history here in America though.

They've been around in America this long. And they're still here? !Because they are allowed to exist still. Because the "WHITE" U.S. Government allows them to exist. !Yet they make every effort to seek-out and to hunt-down so-accused Arab Terrorist. And the so-accused Black Terrorist. Just like they did the Black Panthers of Old. All whilst the Racist"WHITE" Terrorist are operating right in the open. The U.S. Government who allows them to. At the same time Whites Peoples in America make all kinds of excuses for the evil deeds these White Supremacist commit. Them always attempting to explain their evil deeds and such, "away". After they commit their evil crimes againt Minorities. The White Media who then attempt to blame it all on their "bad" up-bringing and such. The White Media who then also attempts to de-vilify them with such "bull shit". Just to make it appears as if the White Race is so pure. And that the Evil White Supremacist are only "Misfits" of such a "Pure White Race". !This I say "bull shit" to. And that these are purely "Evil White Peoples". Because more than often. White Peoples commit very evil deeds. As history had reveiled.

You have probably heard me say it before, but I am compelled to say it all over yet again. Simply because as I speak, America is being taken over by the Nazis. Beside what you have heard, the Nazis were not defeated during World War II. Many of them escaped. As was exposed in the famous "Odessa Files". Fleeing Germany to relocate to the America's and elsewhere. Our American Government then actually harbored many of these Nazis. Saving them from prosecution, for their involvement in the Holocaust. Many of which went on to assist in developing the American Space Program. Others assisted in developing Weapons for the American Military. While others were used to implement the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) itself.

The C.I.A. are just a bunch of Nazis who are in the position to commit acts of terrorism, against peoples and governments, who will not side with the coming Nazi control of Earth. Their so-called covert record of death and mayhem speaks for itself. As they have been caught committing terrorist acts, assassinating world leader (like John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King), and even starting wars. My proof is history itself. Most of which is known about. But this Web site was created by me, in order to inform you of the coming Nazi global take-over, you might not know about. So let me now began to inform you further about what you might not know about the Nazis.

Let's start with the fact that, after World War II many Nazi Prisoners were placed into Interment Camps. Here in the U.S. Camp Hearne in Texas is where the vast majority of them were kept. The Bush's home state. Duh!, what a coincident? These Nazi Prisoners were treated better than the towns folks of Franklin Texas it is said. Simply because the Bush Family (Prescott Bush) wanted it that way. After the war many of those same Nazi German Prisoners returned to Texas, and so Camp Hearne was a safe haven for Nazis. Something that was arranged by the American Nazi Party.

During one of their rallies in Texas after World War II, George W Bush was seen there as a supporter. Caught on Camera at the rally. Shown on the History Channel's program called "The Search for Nazis in America". "Nazi America" is another of their programs. Both of which can be ordered from the History Channel at this moment. George W Bush and the rest of his family are Nazis. Now see the parallels he has with Adolph Hitler here:

George W Bush
, like Adolph Hitler, came to power illegally, and also not democratically.
The majority of Americans and the majority of Germans did not elect either leader.

Both Hitler and Bush courted the conservative Christian Right Wingers. They both attempted to consolidate power, and keep the opposition at bay. By using lies and propganda. Hitler used the so-called Communist Red Menace as an excuse, while Bush is using the so-called Axis of Evil to attack particular countries.
Like Hitler, Bush weaves deliberate lies into his speeches.
Both Hitler and Bush gathered all the Liberals together and call anything they said unpatriotic. For opposing their unjust policies. Hitler rounded up opposers and activists, then he had them killed. Many a Foreign Student is being rounded up in the same manner today. All under the false pretense of Bush's Home Security.
Like Hitler, Bush have dismantled worker protections. Americans, like Germans before World War II are putting in more hours for less pay. Hitler also trashed Trade Unions. Like the Democrats, Germany's Social Democrats were then afraid to organize any oppositions towards their leader's initiatives.
Bush, Hitler whiped up hatred, fear, bloodlust and revenge within the citizens. Like Hitler did, Bush is demonizing Countries (like Afghanistan and Iraq) as threats to U.S. national security, before invading them.
, like Hitler, threatened weaker nations with weapons of mass destruction and total
annihilation unless they do as he says. Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea and other countries, will be fought for the same reasons Hitler invaded Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and other countries Hitler invaded during World War II. Hitler first demonized Czechoslovakia, then Poland, as a threat to Germany's national security, before invading them.
Like Hitler, Bush is believed to be a puppet, of someone of greater power. Many believed that Hitler was merely a puppet of Vice-Chancellor Franz Von Papen. The real power behind President Bush, is said to be Vice-President Dick Cheney.
Like Hitler, Bush is pushing for a World War. Using a doctrine of pre-emptive, unilateral attacks on other nations.
Also like Hitler, Bush is becoming a fanatical military dictator. The government, unions, universities, opposition political party, and the corporate media are all surrendering democratic rights to the protection of their beloved Dictator.

Find more similarities at the Web Addresses below here:

In my year 2000 Website that I called "Gun Control", I noted the political similarities of our Former President Bill Clinton, versus Adolph Hitler. As I noted below here:

Hitler was considered an unusually gifted public speaker (a trained manipulator).
Clinton is/was considered an unusually gifted public speaker (a trained manipulator).

Hitler was a known liar.
Clinton is/was a known liar.

Hitler's party (the National Socialists) was dominated with fanatics who defended him no matter what he did wrong.
Clinton's party (the Democrats) are/was dominated with fanatics who defended him no matter what he did wrong.
Hitler's popularity was linked to a (false) strong German Economy.
Clinton's popularity is/was linked to a (false) strong American Economy.

Hitler's party (the National Socialists) supported a strong socialist agenda.
Clinton's party (the Democrats) supported a strong socialist agenda.

Hitler passed substantial tax increases (to finance his take-over of Europe).
Clinton passed substantial tax increases (to finance his take-over of America).

Hitler attacked other countries to rally public support for Nazi Germany's interest.
Clinton attacked Iraq and Serbia to rally public support for NATO's interest.

Hitler created and used a terrorist act as an excuse to pass controversial laws that reduced German freedoms.
Clinton created and used terrorist acts as an excuse to pass controversial laws that reduced American freedoms.

Hitler gave the SS broad powers (against the peoples).
Clinton gave the ATF & FBI broad powers (against the people).

Hitler passed strong anti-gun laws (to disarm the people).
Clinton passed strong anti-gun laws (to disarm the people).

!You see? Former President Clinton was used as a Nazi tool as well. Controlled by the Nazis, as they used him to further achieve their wicked goals later. When they had him implement his unconstitutional Presidential Executive Orders, such as; 10995, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, and 11051. These orders will insure the control of the American Peoples, and the peoples of the world as well in the future. Following the exact political moves that Adolph Hitler made, in order to take his tyrannical power.

Then in my year 2001 Website I called "The New World Order Information Pamphlet"
I noted the political similarities of George W (wicked) Bush and Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula). Even in likeness and appearance. Then to my surprise I found out that a few others have noticed these similarities as well. Some have even called him the "American Caligula", and there right. Note the similarities below here:
Caligula was the descendant of a former Emperor.
George W Bush is the descendant of a former President and Emperor. Since he is also the cousin of the Queen of England. Elizabeth III. Both descended from Edward I. Then the English Nobility are directly linked to the German Nobility. The British Royals were and are heavily German in origin, and were originally the "Von Battenberg". Following World War I, they changed their name to the House of Windsor. So here to is a Bush Family connection with the German Nobility.
Caligula was corruptly aided in securing the Roman Throne.
George W Bush was corruptly aided in securing the American Presidency. After cheating on the Elections to gain the Office of the Presidency.
Caligula had harebrained schemes that led his country to possible bankruptcy.
George W Bush had harebrained schemes, like his tax cut, that almost possibly lead this country into bankruptcy.
Caligula had coins minted of his likeness.
George W Bush have coins minted of his likeness also.
Caligula had an openly autocratic manner.
George W Bush is having an open autocratic manner.
Caligula openly displayed his disrespect toward Roman tradition and the Senate.
George W Bush is displaying his disrespect toward American tradition and the Senate.
Caligula was responsible for serious disturbances among the Jews, and he nearly caused a rebellion in Palestine.
George W Bush
is responsible for serious disturbances amongst the Arabs, and he has nearly caused a rebellion in the Middle East also.

Caligula put people to death without fair trial.
George W Bush puts people (and countries) to death without fair trial. Attacking them under false pretenses. Like Iraq.
Caligula earned a reputation for ruthless and cruel autocracy, and torture and execution became the order of the day.
George W Bush is earning that same reputation, and he's attempting use military law to make execution the order of the day also.

!You see? George W Bush is the reincarnation of Caligula indeed. But he is also a sworn
Nazis as well. Something I exposed in my year 2001 Website I had called "Nazis", and my year 2001 Website I called "The New World Order Information Pamphlet". As I has said;

The Bush family are also linked to (and probably are) Nazis, as is the C.I.A. George Bush Sr. was of course the former director of the C.I.A. I exposed the C.I.A. Nazis connection earlier this year (2001). Then two weeks after I posted my Website called; Nazis (that had the evidence that the Nazis' created the C.I.A.) the U.S. Government finally admitted, after 50 years of lies, to being evolved with Nazis' after World War II. Of course they did this to cover-up the fact that they are the Nazis', just as I said in my Web Site Nazis.

There's evidence that the Bush family fortune that propelled them into politics, came from the Nazis and the Third Reich. George Bush Jr's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s. At the time Leading Nazi Industrialists owned the bank. Then after the United States declared war on Germany, or should I say Germany declared war on the United States, moneys were being secretly moved into America from a second bank in Holland.

For other evidence of the Bush Nazis connection/s, go on line to the Websites following:

Well just imagine what it would be like if you were separated from your spouse and family. Where each were placed into Work Camps, including the children. Just like the Nazis did to it's prisoners during World War II. It would be terrible not knowing the condition of ones wife and children. Not knowing if they have been beaten, raped, or killed or not. This is "exactly" what Executive Order 11000 will allow them to do. How about if you weren't placed in such a grave situation. They will still be able to control "every" part of your life thereafter. By simply implementing the other Executive Orders. If you think these Fascist and Communist-type Executive Orders do not exist. They you are very much mistaken. You are very blind to the coming take-over of America indeed. !Educate yourself. Once America is successfully taken over by the Presidential Dictatorialship, they will be able to do anything they wish to. To you and/or your family.
They will be able to see and hear you in your homes even while you sleep. That's if you still have a home? With their Secret Black Helicopters. Their "Night" and "Infrared Heat Vision" they will be able to find you anywhere within your home. There are currently over 64,000, or more of these Black Helicopters in the United States, and their operators are from the U.N. not the U.S. They can and will be able to plant "Bugging Devices" inside of your Coffee Cup if they like, or "Cameras" inside of your Shower Head. You will have no privacy anymore, it will belong to them. They of course will implant Microchips into the hands of all the citizens/peoples. This way they could know; their whereabouts, their credit history, their debts, and their life history, with just a simple scan. The scanners can and will be places on Telephone Post, mounted on Helicopters, and hidden in walls. Your privacy and freedom will be gone. You will not be able to gain access to food without the Implants either. The Mark of the Beast.
"Revelation 13.17  No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark."

Those without a Implant will be later identified as enemies of the State, then haunted
down, imprisoned, and eventually murdered in Death Camps. The emplacement of certain Implant Material could also be accomplished through vaccinations. Military Personnel are forced to receive them. While parents are being told by school officials that they must have their kids vaccinated for everything from Measles to Hepatitis, prior to the school year. Don't believe it! The Federal Government has also placed Tiny Microchips within the injections. They are placed into the vaccines for purposes of tracking, monitoring, and mind control. These technologies do exist, and they have named this tagging and identification program M.A.R.C. Which stands for the "Mark of the Beast". Their even joking about it as well.

On 2 March 2002 Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. created a chip consisting of 18 digits (6x3, so 666) which represents your social security number, driving license number, personal id, bank account, and so on. They say it is a high radio frequency device, which is implantable in the hand or forehead !They already implanted one in a human in February of 2002, for tests, and it works according to plan. Now they invite the people in the USA to get chipped. By the way, did you also know that the computer of the World Bank in Brussels, Belgium, has got the name BEAST? Their joking about that as well.

There currently using Surveillance Systems to spy-on and to control civilian populations. In Europe the "CCTV" System is used, in America "Public Surveillance Cameras" are used throughout Major Cities. Now they are springing-up everywhere. An estimated 40 million American's are currently under the surveillance of such systems. Today in America these Cameras are on our Highways, in our Mall Parking Lots, in our Supermarkets, in our Hospitals, and even on our private streets.