The original name of their Alien Races are the "Zorion's". From the "Zor" Sun. The Planet Zorion Sun. 20,000 years ago, the Zorion's had the 4 Different Color Races. Just like we still do today on Planet Earth. Today now all of them looking like a Light Skinned Mulatto Race of Alien Peoples. They who have White, Black, Indian, Asian, and Hispanic Race features. Which all vary from person to person though. The Zorian Alien Race was so successful. That their numbers were in the trillions, before their Great War. A war where Nuclear-Type Weaponry was used to destroy countless of their Planets then. Which destroyed hundreds of Planets. And killed "trillions" of peoples then. What a waste of a Peoples who were just as advanced as we are today. Which they were.

Planet Zorion. Which is currently a Dead Planet. One that still shows signs of the Nuclear Holocaust that occurred 10,000 years ago. And nothing lives upon the Planet still to this day. But I took control of the Planet though. Because within the Hollows of the Planet, lies Ancient Zorion Technology that still exists there. Ruined and Destroyed Technology. !But. I have a Scientific Team there as I speak. Salvaging what ever they can. So we can see if there's any Technology worth adopting into our own Technology System. Within the Hollow Zorion, we found the Partially Destroyed Teleportation System. One that operated on Planetary Energy from the Central Core Sun. The Planet Zorion Central Core Sun is damaged, and only burns dimly now. And it fails to rotate the Planet now. Their Planetary Warp System that once used the Central Cores to warp by. Via Warp Tunnels that each Core Created, once they were magnetically connected to other Planetary Cores. Via Magnetic Gauss, which created Warp Worm Hole between the Planets.

Very very clever. Using the Planets themselves to create Warp Tunnels, or Warp Corridors. And this is mainly how the Zorion's got about, from Planet to Planet in their time/s. As each Planet had it's 2 Vacuum Tunnels. One that went out of the Planet. And the other that came into the Planet. I then discovered that many many millions of Zorion's were killed on Planet Zorion, during their Great War. Via Anti-Matter Weapons. If this is true. Then their Plasma Energies might still be orbiting the Planet? Which is today a Planet with a Very Weak Atmosphere or Planetary Shield. And all we needed do was retrieve their Plasma. Then add Electron's to it, in our own Beaming Chambers. Then take and reform all of those Zorion's that had their Mass Matter dissipated in such a manner during their Great War. They who were not actually killed then. But turned from Mass Matter to Mass Energy Beings instead. This science we thoroughly understand. !Yes.  

So we began collecting all the "Human" Plasma Energy that still circled within the Weak Planetary Shield that still existed. Which is different from other Plasma Energy. It having a different Energy Signature. Then we took it into our Plasma Beaming Chamber. Then began to reform the 10,000 Year Old Bodies of Zorion's. But only a few hundred of them though. Because most of the Human Plasma Energy that once circled the Planet some 10,000 years ago. Has long since dissipate-away from the Planet into Space. To never be captured again. Those peoples are gone and lost forever in the Cosmos now. !But. We have retrieved the Human Plasma Energy of some 220 of them though. They who were 10,000 Year Old Zorion's. They who were thought to be long since dead. Once reformed into Mass Matter, they were exactly as they were said to have been 10,000 years ago. Based upon the accounts and records of the Ancient Zorion's.

220 Ancient Zorion's who were stunned and dazed. But alive. All to their amazement. But all who were clone-like and Soulless though. Because after their bodies were dissipated 10,000 years ago. Their Souls left their bodies. Because the Souls no longer had Bodies to host them then. So we had 220 Soulless Zorion's on our hands then. All of who had no idea who they were, and/or where they were from. !But. A few of their Souls returned to them, after a months time. 12 of the 220 Souls returned then. But that was all though. So we had no choice but to destroy the other 208 of them. To re-dissipate their Human Plasma Energy. As we did then. Whilst the 12 had then remembered exactly who they were then. And how they died. But they never died though. As they see now. And the 12 Zorion's we had in our possession. Were a mixed gender and mixed age group of Zyron's. 7 Females and 5 Males. 7 of who were children. All of who were murdered in their homes on Planet Zyron 10,000 years ago. When their city was bombarded by an Anti-Matter Weapons then. Which is what we have determined from evidence we've under-covered. 10,000 year old evidence.

And now these 12, 10,000+ Year Old Zyron's will be united with the Zyron's on Planet Tholis. With Zyron's there, that were born some 29 generations after their generation was. How and why their Human Plasma Energy stayed within Planet Zyron's Energy Shield. Is yet to be understood by us. As it circled around and throughout the Planetary Energy Shield for all of that time. Until now. And their Spirits never left this Dimension, after all of that time either. This is a first. Us retrieving Human Plasma Energy that old. Then reforming it into the Human Mass Matter it use to be. And this has made our Galactic News. And it's talked about throughout the Galactic League now.

We then discovered something that had shocked us after that. After we retrieved Ancient Scientific Energy Crystals. That we retrieved from the Hollow Zyron. Which were all stored in a Huge Vault there. It was their Complete Scientific Library. That someone meticulously kept throughout their Advanced Scientific History. And apparently someone wanted it to be found eventually. Why else the Giant Vault? Well we found it. And to our surprise. We also found that well over 80% of all Zyron's were Clones, from Scientific Information we found in the Vault. !Yes. They were Clones. 80% of them were. Which now explains their vast population. And the Zyron's were Cloners. !Big Time they were. And they created trillions of Clones.

And we also discovered that the Great Great War they fought was between the Zyron Clones, and the Original Zyron's. After several Zyron God's. Or Enhanced Zyron Beings. Had decided to "replace" all the Original Zyron's with the Soulless Clones. So they could easily be controlled by them later. And those particular Zyron Gods. Then launched a surprise attack upon the Original Zyron's. Killing millions of them then. As they controlled the Clones. Getting them to launch the attacks then. The retaliation's that followed. That were launched by the Original Zyron's. Had then killed-off the larger percentage of the Zyron Clones. As the Great War then raged-on for many many years thereafter. Until there were no winners. In an "All-out" War of Genocide then. What a waste of Life.

But now it is we who have inherited all of their Great Scientific Knowledge up to that point. We also discovered, that the Zyron named Tholis was a Great Zyron Scientist. One who used a System of Warp-Leaps to escape from Planet Zyron then. Along with some 1,000,000 other Original Zyron's then. And he used no Space Crafts that could be tracked by the Zyron Clone Enemy then. Which is why he and 1,000,000 of his Followers had successfully escaped the Great and Terrible War then. After they leaped 1,000 Light Years in that manner. Which was something he had developed. Something he had eventually kept a secret from others. We ourselves only knew of his great great accomplishment/s. From the Journal he kept of those times. As he had documented the success of the Warp Leap System he had developed then. One he personally set-up and designed. A Very Very Complexed Warp System. One that uses the Natural Warps of Space.

We discovered that it was something he was working on for many many decades prior. And he kept it a secret from everyone. Because no one else understood what he was working on then. Because such science didn't exist prior. We know how it worked though. After we studied some of his Scientific Work. Putting 2 and 2 together. Based on our own high understanding of Spacial Warps. Otherwise we could never understand it either. It's a Highly Genius Warp System. But it is a Very Risky one though. Because it relays on Natural Space Warps, that are actually Local Black Holes and Quasar's. He discovered a way to use them without being effected by their Intense Gravity. He figured out how to enter into a Black Hole without having your Atoms crushed-down into pieces, from the Intense Gravity. By first converting the Atoms into Sub-Atomic Plasma. Then beaming that Sub-Atomic Plasma "through" the Black Hole. Since a Black Hole will not, and cannot. Crush Sub-Atomic Particles down any further. So they can pass though it's Intense Intense Gravity then. Because a Black Hole can only crush-down Atomic Particles. Which it indeed does. Down to the Sub-Atomic Level. Then it send it onto another part of a Galaxy. Or onto another Dimension of Space-Time.

He knew well of this science. And he was way smarter than anyone else on his Planet in his time. So it seems. He also saw the Great War coming decades before it began. Based on his writings. And began working on a way to escape it. To his great great success. He did just that. In an incredibly ingenious way he did. But during his escape from Planet Zyron. Using the New System. He took a terrible risk then. Not knowing where he and his 1,000,000 Followers would end up in the Cosmos then. Or if his New Warp System would work or not? As they had lucked-up on a suitable Planet then. After the warp. One that was only inhabited by a Very Primitive Peoples. A Young Planet. !But. They had no choice. And had to go when they did. Either "that", or "death". Because the time they all decided to go. Was a time of great great peril upon Planet Zyron. A time when the Zyron Clone Enemy had broken-though Planet Zyron's Defenses. And the Zyron Clone Space Crafts had begun bombarding Planet Zyron then. With Nuclear and Anti-Matter Weaponry then.

As he had hastily rushed some 1,000,000 Pre-Chosen Zyron's through his New Warp Machine then. One he set to self-destruct after he stepped through it. Him being the last Zyron to step through it. So no one could follow them then. So says his Journal. Now the way it worked is as follow. As per our scientific understanding of this Great Technology. His Secret Warp Machine. Was a Warp Gate that transferred Mass Matter into Plasma Energy. Then that Plasma Energy was beamed directly into the entrance of a Local Black Hole. A Well Known Local Black Hole that connected to a Well Known Quasar some 1,000 light Years away from Planet Zyron. Once their Plasma Energy exited the Quasar. It was then taken into the Central Core Sun of the first Available Planet. A Planet which to them was unknown then. He had no idea if they would be taken to a Hostile Planet. A Cold Plant. A Hot Planet. Or one without a Suitable Atmosphere. And it was a great great risk he had to take then.
But he also had no idea if his Warp Theory would be correct either. One where he had assumed that the Quasar would have a Planet nearest it. A Planet that was suitable for Life. If his theory was incorrect? Their Plasma Energy would have then exited the Quasar, with no place to go then. And it would have drifted in Space forever then. But since his theory was accurate. Once their Plasma Energy left the Quasar. It then drifted in Space. For a period he stated was 25 years Zyron Time. Until it was taken into another, yet Smaller Space Vacuum. One that took it directly to the nearest Solar System and Planet. Where it then cycled through the Planetary Plasma System. Since it's Heavier Plasma. Human Plasma is. Having more Positive Ions within it. It is the first Plasma to be taken into the Planetary Plasma System from Space. Where it's then taken into the North Planetary Pole. From there, it was diverted onto the Planetary Surface. Onto Particular Gravitational Medium Points on the Plantar Ley or Energy System then. Where that Plasma then mix with Electrons from a Crossing "NEGATIVE" Planetary Energy System. Then it reformed their Mass.

He of course knew well of such Planetary Physics. According to his writings. Like I do today. !But. According to his time. Their Human Plasma drifted in Space after exiting the Quasar. For "25 years time". Which must have seemed like a second to them? Because in an Energy State, "TIME" is not a factor. Because Time only effects Mass, not Energy. He knew the exact time their Human Plasma had drifted in Space. After their Human Plasma was reformed upon the New Planet they inhabited then. Based on a Device he carried. He called a "Gravimetric Flux". Which was a Plasmatic State of Gravity, he had within a Small Chamber. One which stayed in tact during their Plasmatic State. For the full 25 years they drifted in Space. He had it on his person then. But once his Mass Body was changed into Plasma. The Device Chamber did as well. !But, the Gravimetric Flux stayed as it was. In tact in it's original shape. Since it was already in a Plasmatic state. What the Flux did, was measure the amount of new Gravity that was exerted upon it's own Plasmatic Mass. And such knowledge could be, and was, converted to a Time value. Since Gravity creates Time. !Wow. He was smart.

Once they got onto the New Planet. The first years of their history were erased. !Why though? It was because the first years of their history were possibly violent? Which is just a guess of mine. !Violent. Because that was the time he was said to have confiscated all the Zyron High Technologies. Then destroyed it all. In order to set his peoples back then. And there had to have been some resistance to his Rule then? !But. I also ask. What in the hell happened to the Planets Original Primitive Peoples? I bet you that was also the time the Zyron's wiped them all out? In order to inherit the New Planet for themselves. Because today. There is not one trace of those Primitive Peoples on the Planet. So they had to have committed genocide against those Primitive Peoples then? !Or. The Primitive Peoples all died-out, as a result of Zyron Diseases that they contracted then? Any ways. There is no Zyron History of that time. On the New Planet.

I just keep on discovering such surprises about the Zyron History. But the biggest surprise, was even unknown to them. Until now. And I come to know it only by my own Godly Spirit. Which is that fact, that it was "SATAN" himself who had sent Rival Gods onto the Zyron Civilization. In order to destroy it. And "GOD" did nothing to stop it. In fact. He also conspired with Satan. To destroy the Zyron Civilization then. As they got the Rival Lesser Gods to first oppose the Good Zyron Gods. Then got the Zyron's to break-off into two different Governments. One Scientific, and the other Spiritual. Then they got the Scientific Zyron's to began making Clones. !Clones. Which were an Abomination to all Spiritual Zyron's. The Cloning got out of hand then. As Clones began secretly making more Clones. Clones made more Clones then. Until there were trillions of Zyron Clones then. Scattered about the Zyron Solar Systems. Because the Zyron Civilization was so successful, that they had occupied some 20 Solar Systems. !But God and Satan wanted to destroy the Zyron Peoples then. Because they were so successful. And also because they were growing-away from God worship then. So they made a plan to destroy them. And they did. Via the Clones. Which were then turned against the Original Zyron's later. Then against themselves.

The Zyron Clones did indeed win that Great War. Because of there sheer numbers. !But. They were made to turn-on each other later. !But. My Godly Spirit also tells me. That millions of such Zyron Clones escaped that Clone-on-Clone War. So there were actually 2 Zyron Wars. The Clones versus the Original Zyrons. Then the Clones versus the Clones.