By Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.
© Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. 2003, 2004, 2005. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. Golden Phoenix Publishing, LLC

Jesus and all of his Peoples were a Black Peoples. In a 1996 study by Robert Taylor, an Associated Professor of the School of Social Work, and the Institute of Social Research, at the University of Michigan. Had found out that Blacks are more religious than Whites, and more religious than the rest of the other peoples in America for that matter. Before the study, it was thought that because Blacks peoples were poorer than Whites, so they would seem to be more religious. Then they found out that it's not a social and class difference, that causes Blacks to be more religious than Whites.

They found out that poor Blacks are more religious than poor Whites, middle class Blacks are more religious than middle class Whites, and so on. Blacks in America are 12% of the American population, yet 80% of them are religious as Christian's. Blacks are part of just about every religion on the Planet. We are in all denominations of the Christian Religion, the Muslim Religion, the Jewish Religion, the Buddhist Religion, the Taoism Religion, and even in the Voodoo Religion. Blacks are this religious while 80 to 90% the so-called White Jews around the world are "SECULAR". Meaning that they don't believe in a God.

The Romans certainly did not believe in a Hebrew God. Of course we all know how they persecuted the Hebrews greatly for their belief in one God. In typical western white fashion of course. Which is; "If you do not believe what I believe. Then I will make you believe as I do. Or else I will punish you for your beliefs." This is the same truth today, as the White Western Governments of the world are doing just as the Romans did so many years ago. Attacking peoples countries for their beliefs. There nothing but today's Roman Empire.

In 63 B.C. the Roman rule of Israel began. They specialized in murdering peoples because of their beliefs. Rome had succeeded the tyrannies of the Hellenistic Empire. Then after Jesus' time they specialized in murdering Christian's for sport. Then between 1099 to 1291 A.D. White European Crusaders moved into Israel, establishing a White Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Bringing Whites from Europe to replace the Arab and Black populations of Israel. Slaughtering Arab and Black Populations in the process.

Then between 1882 to 1903 masses of Russian Jews were moved into Israel. Between 1904 to 1914 Russian and Polish Jews were moved into Israel. Between 1919 to 1923 more Russian Jews were moved into Israel then. Between 1924 to 1933 more Polish Jews were moved into Israel. Between 1933 to 1939 German Jews were moved into Israel. Then between 1948 to 1952 even more European Jews were then moved into Israel. These peoples are the main populations of Israel today. And they "are not" the original Israelites, who were the Black Israelites. During the time of Jesus the true Black Jews or Israelites that remained in Israel became his teachers, students, and friends, but they were also his relatives. We can clearly see evidence in Biblical text such as;

Act 1.1-2
Now there were at Antioch, in the church that was, prophets and teachers, Barnabas, and Symeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen the foster-brother of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. And as they ministered to the Lord

The Greek word "Niger" being used in this quote means "Black-skinned". The word "Niger" is also a word from Ancient Roman, which is the English version of the Latin word "Nagra". Which is still used to this present day for Negroes as well as Moranos (Moors), meaning a Black Person.

So Jesus' Prophets, Teachers, Disciples, Relatives, and his associates were all Negroes. Research to date has yielded that the bodies of Mary of Magdalene, Martha, and Lazarus Tombs which have been discovered with their names. The study has shown through D.N.A. Bone Examinations, that the people of the village of Magdella, where they lived were in fact Negroes. Nazareth, Magdella, Galilee, and other holy lands of Christ, because they were the original Negroe Peoples from that area. These were the bones of Jesus' family. Jesus was born of the original tribe of Judah were all Negroes. His mother Mary of course was from the Tribe of Judah.

Even the British Broadcasting Channel (B.B.C.) undiscovered facts of a Black Jesus and today's False Israelites, in a VHS titled; "Jesus: The Complete Story". The video is available through the Discovery Channel E7008, and it runs for 2 hours and 36 minutes. It was White Caucasian Peoples who uncovered the information in this video and made it public, so it can't be taken as racism. !Thank God for some honest, and real White Researcher's, who presented this information to us.

As I say again the first and original Israelites were Blacks or Negros. The people calling themselves Israelis today are not the original people of Israel. This was also proven by Dr. Richard Neave, a Medical Artist from the Medical University of Manchester, and the world's leading Forensic Pathologist (at the time). He took a 2000 year old skull of a person from the Tribe of Judah, Jesus' own tribe from 2000 years ago. Many such skulls from there have also been discovered, that dates back to Jesus' time.

The Bones were tested and have verified them to be exactly from that time. The second thing that was noticed was that the skulls examined were more rounded than the present day people of Jerusalem today. The round skulls were said to have been the kind of skulls that you find in Sudan and Egypt. These are the features of Nubian's from Sudan and Egypt. Those people you see in Egypt today are not the indigenous Negroid's either, they are Turks "Caucasians" from Europe. Khazar descendants.

Khazars were also with Attila the Hun in 4th century. Huns and Kozars (Khazars) were very close relatives, if not one and the same people. Both Huns and Khazars, or the part of the Danube Skitians they were, formed together with other Skitian tribes the Bolgarian people, state and nation south of the Danube. 95% of the world's Jews are descendants of the tribe of Attila the Hun, and have little to do with either David or Solomon.

Khazars and Huns slaughtered and mistreated peoples throughout Europe and Asia, and this is why so many peoples today hate those Jews. !They know of their Khazar ancestry. They later lost the name of Khazars and became known as Jews. Then during the Dark Ages commerce became largely in Jewish hands, including slave trade. The Jews became the mint masters, royal treasurers, tax collectors, and money lenders of the world. Principal source of income was foreign trade and the levying of customs dues and they practiced communal life. In Jesus' time they were also the Pharisees. Before Adolph Hitler the same "False Jews" were in financial control of Germany then. And they (the False Jews) and the British had treated the German Peoples like Sub-Humans then. Which was the basis of Hitlers hate for the False Jews. Not making any excuses for Hitler, but that is the true reason why he hated them so.

Those peoples are all the descendants Japheth. There from, and are named; MESHECH (Turkey), TUBAL (Turkey), MADIA (Iran), TIRAS (Italy), JAVAN (Greece), GOMER (Turkey), ELISHAH (Med Sea), TARSHISH (Spain), KITTIM (Cyprus), DODANIM (Rhodes), TOGARMAH (Turkey and Armenia), ASHKENAZ (Armenia and Azerbazian), and "MAGOG". They are the Gentiles, Gog and Magog.

Japheth's descendants are not God's Chosen People, because God's Chosen Peoples are the damn Oppressed Peoples. White Peoples are not Oppressed Peoples, they are the Oppressors. So how can they be God's Chosen Peoples? !How?

In no way are the False White Jews in Israel today are God's People either. God's People (once again) are persecuted peoples. The White Jews in Israel (like their American and European cousins "Gog") are the persecutors of others. The White Jews have defeated their enemies in all military battles, since 1948. They won the war of 1948-49, the war of 1956, the 1967 "Six Day War", the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and the Invasion of Lebanon. Not only did they win these wars they were also successful in confiscating land from their enemies (Jerusalem, Golan Heights, West Bank etc.). It don't sound like there a persecuted peoples to me.

Biblical Scripture states that the Children of Israel is suppose to be smitten and defeated by their enemies. This is not what has happened to the False White Jews in Israel today. This is what has happened to Blacks, Browns, and "African American's" for thousands and hundreds of years now. As stated in Leviticus 26, God's People haven't been able to stand against their enemies. So, if the White Jews in Israel today are the True Children of Israel, how are they able to defeat their enemies as they have? It's really simple to answer that question; they are "NOT" the descendants of the biblical Israelites.

Only the Blacks have been defeated and enslaved greater than any other race on the face of this Earth. No other Race/s can even come close to the years of slavery they have spent in various Countries and Continents around the world. The Parallel between the first captives in Egypt, of God's People, and the captivity of Blacks in the America's is evidence of this. There is not a known history of such white slavery, that can even compare.

In the 1442 A.D. the Portuguese began to take them as prisoners and slaves. Later other White European's were taking them into slavery as well. Of course later selling them as slaves in the America's and Europe, during the Slave Trades. Taken from a place named "Fort Judah" in Western Africa. Now why do you think they named if Fort Judah, if these Black Peoples were not from the Tribe of Judah.

Deuteronomy 28. 68
"And Yah shall bring you into Egypt again with Ships, by the way whereof I spake unto you, You shall see it no more again and there you shall be sold unto your enemies as bondmen and bondwomen and no man shall buy you..."

This is a prophecy that without a doubt is talking about the second great slavery of the Black Hebrews. Which was in the America's. This is exactly why it says "AGAIN" and "SHIPS". Now we know that the Israelites did not physically become enslaved in Egypt again in great mass, after the Exodus. We also know that ships are not necessarily required to get from Egypt from Israel. The only historical event that can explain this biblical prophecy is the American and European Slave Trades that came much later. Which required those Ships.

Before the Exodus, they spent 430 years in slavery in Egypt. Then over 434 years were spent in the America's as Slaves as well. From the year of 1442, the Portuguese began bringing them to the America's as Slaves. Then came the Spaniard's in 1493. Then later the other European's. Of course slavery existed in the America's until 1876. It was Frederick Douglas who convinced Lincoln to release Black Slaves. Moses brought them out of slavery from Egypt 3,495 years earlier. Taking them to establish Israel.

Now there's no history of any European Peoples going into slavery in Egypt. Nor is there any history of any White European Peoples spending 430 plus 434 years in slavery. It's simple, White Peoples are "not" the descendants of the original Twelve Tribes of Israel. They were invaders from Russia and Europe. Descendants of; Magog, the Scythian's, Gog, the Celts, the Slavs, and the Khazar's. They are Invaders. !Impostors. They (not all) are descendants of Gog and Magog. Even the Bible proves that the White's claiming themselves to be God's Original Peoples ot Jews, in Israel today, are certainly not.

Revelation 2.9
"I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a "synagogue of Satan."

The Black Essene Scrolls expose the fraud of white Counterfeit Christianity. The Essene actually wrote the first books that are today's Bible. But today's Bible is a white manipulated version. One that has all but eliminated Black Peoples. And Christianity is reworked Egyptianity. Using the birth of Jesus as an example.

Whites have done to Black Christianity what they've done to Black History! Like White History, the White Man's Christianity is False Christianity! The Original Christianity of the Original Black Christian's, and the Original Biblical Books (Essene Scrolls) has been greatly changed. As I have just said. Distorted, censored, and reconstructed by Whites into a False Christianity. Which serves as a weapon, and the primary pillar of global white supremacy today. The Major altering and censoring of Biblical Books were accomplished at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. In addition, whole books were deleted from the Original Bible itself. Evidence of missing Biblical Books exists within the Bible itself as well! These included the Books of Jasher, Nathan, Shemaiah, Iddo, and Jehu. Which are referred to in Numbers 21:14, Joshuah 10:13, II Samuel 1:18, I Chronicles 29:29, and II Chronicles. 9:29, 12:15, 20:34.
The Original Christian Church was also African (Ethiopian). It's original African founders and the Early Saints, who often martyred when this Church was usurped by the Whites who replaced it with their counterfeit Roman Catholic Church. The same pagan Roman Catholic Church that exists today. Like the Saint in the story below here.

The Spear of Destiny. Saint Longinus' Sphere:
A Black Roman Centurion named St. Longinus was the one who pierced the side of Christ during his crucifixion on the Cross. To prove that Jesus was dead. To me he did it as a mercy killing. Relieving Jesus from his further suffering on the Cross. St. Longinus is said to have been converted to Christianity after noting the darkness descending following Christ's death, and because he was healed of his poor eyesight by Christ's blood flowing down his spear. He is said to have given up his military life and died a martyr's death afterwards. But what many so-called scholar (biblical and historic alike) has failed to note, was that the Roman Centurion was a Black African Descended Roman Centurion. He was black and he was the original owner of the so-called and fabled "Spear of Destiny". He designed the Spear that so many White Men had sought. Including the racist Adolph Hitler. 

The Dead Sea Scrolls:
The Dead Sea Scrolls exposes knowledge concealed by the false White Christian's. The Scrolls prove that Christianity was an outgrowth of Black Essenism. But this information isn't being revealed by the False Israelites who control the Scrolls today. For obvious reasons of course.

The White Christian Madonna is copied from the Black Egyptian Madonna. Which was Black Isis and her son Horus. The true Madonna and Christ. Later to be named Mary and Jesus.

Jesus was a Revolutionary. He was called "The Panther". An original name for Jesus was "Jehoshau Ben Pandira" which means "Jesus, son of the Panther". Even the Bible refers to him as "The Lion of the Tribe of Judah". Jesus in fact, was a "Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter". Who was fighting to free the Black Christian Peoples of his times. To free them from the oppressive White Roman power structure at that time.

Jesus taught revolution. As he states in Matthew 10:34; "I have not come to send peace, but a sword." Those are the words of a "Revolutionary".