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by Antonio M McCoy

Earlier i spoke of people who were abducted by extraterrestrial forces through out history,
i will now explain why they are. Particular persons are abducted because they are/were required to fill a particular need, a need of an extraterrestrial force. These people are also being made ready for travel. There are many reasons for an abduction, and the first one is for reproductive purposes; many male and female humans of Earth have remembered strange occurrences in their life time; strange bright lights, shadows of strange beings, being concuss by unable to move, being operated on by strange beings, and the experience of actually being taken by an unknown force or beings onboard a craft. These things were not their imagination, they were real. These people were remembering their actual abduction by extraterrestrial beings (aliens). The second reason aliens abduct is for a particular type of person, these particular people are chosen for their worldly deeds (good ones), they are being made ready for dimensional travel, travel into another dimension, space, and time. These are the peoples of the "Mass Exodus" i spoke of earlier, the "Masses" spoke of in the bible, "God's Chosen Peoples". These peoples belief/s in God and the existence of such extraterrestrial forces, above man of this earth is the basis of their status. Their compassion, will to learn, and understanding is another reason. These peoples are implanted with tiny metal devices that track them, when the time comes for their extraction from Earth the devices will act as homing beacons for the extracting extraterrestrial forces. Some of the implants double as brain boosting devices, the extraterrestrials beam power signals into the implants, the implants relay these signals to the brain through various waves (Alpha, Beta, etc...). Albert Einstein knew that his mind was boosted into genus, he was not born with it like many people believe, his was an acquired knowledge that was only filled by extraterrestrial forces (forces of God). Albert Einstein went to his grave wondering why and exactly how he became such a genus, why his mind was boosted and by what force of nature, i gave you the answer above. Many historians choose not to talk about Einstein's "Prophetic Visions" he gave, they choose not to talk about how he was a man of God and a scientist. These are all qualities of a chosen genus. I could have chosen many peoples throughout Earth's history to make this example, but i chose Einstein because many peoples believe that he was a product of Earth-Man's own growth, a growth into this type of knowledge, i don't think so. If he was, then the Earth should be filled with Einstein's today. It is not. Extraterrestrials abduct particular persons for reproductive purposes because of their specific chemistry, many people (throughout history) have given account to experiments where they were violated by alien beings, these were not violations, they were necessary extraction's. Extraction's of their Sperm and Eggs from their reproductive systems, necessary to the survival of the human race. The offspring of these extraction's are a race of half-human, half-extraterrestrial beings that will populate other planets in another dimension. Many abducted females remember humanoid fetuses being taken from them by strange beings, they are actually remembering the extraterrestrials extracting  the fetus at a very early state in it's development.
Many abducted males remember the extraction of bodily fluids, they later experience bruises and/or scabs on their groin area, these are remembrances of the actual experiences, where sperm was removed from them. Many of the abductees felt violated or hurt by the extraterrestrials during these operations, well i wonder how animals feel when we do the same to them, or how a human infant or child feels during the experience of their first hospital/clinical procedure? Some peoples have actually remembered the extraterrestrials performing operations on them that has healed a certain ailment/s (such as cancer) after their abduction experience/s. I, members of my family, and peoples i know have had many of these abductions experiences. The remembrance of my first abduction was in 1980, the next was in 1995, and there have been at least four per year thereafter. Alien abductions actually start occurring in an individuals youthful age, and they continue through their adult life, i do not know why some abductees can only remember particular occurrences. If you were abducted you probably had one of the above experiences. Another good indicator of your abduction is the sight or sighting of a bright light and/or craft, this sighting is the abducting craft before or after you are abducted. UFO sightings are occurrences that happen throughout the world, in the United States most of them are reported in/from North Dakota and New Mexico, many of the Great Plains or Barren States have so many sightings because of their lack of foliage, which makes it easier to see the sky.
Today over one third to one half of the Earth's population believe in extraterrestrial beings, many of these  peoples have seen their craft, others have been abducted.

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