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by Antonio M McCoy

Many people believe that satan has physical power over us, he does not, because God will not allow it, but he does have mental power over us. Satan's mental power over us is deception. Deception is mental trickery and satan also uses people to perpetrate these evil deeds also. If he was allowed to physically harm us he would have done so long ago, instead he uses our mental weaknesses against us. He puts foolish and evil things in our minds so that we will commit sin/s, acts of; greed, envy, jealousy, hatred, and selfishness.

He wants us to sin enough so that we will end up in hell along-side him. There are those who have sold their souls to satan for the reward/s of worldly things, these people think that those things are rewards, they are wrong. Those things are only lures that satan uses to draw them into hell, he will betray them just like he did the rest. To all of you Christians i say this; satan will try to deceive you and he will never let-up until the end.

Another one of Satan's tools is; World Governments, Churches (the false ones), and Institutions (the unnecessary ones). These organizations attempt to project an image of righteousness, understanding, kindness, knowledge, and fairness over the people.
This is a great deception.
Their ultimate goal is control, greed, and power over people, they project a false image of control that they do not possess. The real truth is  people are in control, not governments, institutions, and churches, this is why they use these deception/s.

Many people believe that their government/s, churches, and institution/s are wise because they have the high stamp of man's approval. They are wrong. Mans approval means nothing to God, man has created authority for himself, God did not give it to him, unless he is a prophet or a servant of God. The false prophets in their false churches tell the world that they have this authority from God, they are liars, their deception is no difference from Satan's.

Governments, churches, and institutions will do just about anything to maintain their control over people, the little knowledge they do possess was either; stolen, bribed, coerced, or tricked out of the people who are the real innovators, leaders, and geniuses of the world.
Individuals have always been the ones who has changed the world, history has proven this. The governments, churches, and institutions of the world have always been the deceivers. Satan has done his work well.
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