by Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.

Aristotle was yet another Greek Philosopher. A pupil of Plato's, and Teacher of Alexander the Great. The author of works on logic, metaphysics, ethics, natural sciences, politics, and poetics. He profoundly influenced Western thought. After of course he had "stolen" his ideas from Plato. Plato who he himself who had stolen them from Socrates. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were all Ancient Mystery Seekers. And the kinds of Ancient Mysteries they sought, are of the Atlantean, Mu, Lemurian, and other Ancient Civilization kind. The Secrets of the Ancients they sought after. Like Anti Gravity Technology, the secrets of the Pyramid, etc... Now what Alexander was to Aristotle, was his pawn. As Aristotle only used Alexander to conquer the countries he wanted to acquire. Egypt and Greece mostly. So that Aristotle could learn of the Ancient Egyptian Secrets there. Then he wanted India. Because Aristotle knew that a "Fountain of Youth" was there. And of course he also wanted Babylon. Which was Persia then. But also Ethiopia. So young Alexander was on a quest to conquer what ever his master Aristotle told him to. All for the sake of Ancient Mysteries.

Aristotle raised-up young Alexander in order to conquest both Greece and Egypt. In order to gather all of the knowledge of their Ancient Mysteries. This is exactly why Alexander did conquer Greece and most of Egypt. Ignoring other lands in the process. Aristotle had prior learned about the famed "Fountain of Youth". He then had Alexander attempt conquest beyond Persia to find it as well. Which some say was in India or Tibet. Which young Alexander had failed at. After he was driven-away in India by the Armies of India then. By one in particular, the Indian Army of the Nanda Dynasty then. !But. What history does not tell about. Is how young Alexander also failed in Nubia. After he had attempted to cross through Nubia. In order to seek the Fountain of Youth that was allegedly in Ethiopia then. As he was turned-away then by a Black Nubian Queen then. Black Queen Candace of Nubia. She and her Nubian Army had "STOPPED" him also.

Black Queen Candace of Nubia, designed a battle plan to counter Alexander's advance then. She placed her Armies and waited on the Macedonian Conqueror to appear for battle. Alexander approached the field from a low ridge, but when he saw the Black Queen's Army displayed in a brilliant military formation before him, he stopped. After studying her array of Nubian Warriors waiting with such deadly precision. He then realizing that to challenge her could quite possibly be fatal. So he then turned his Armies away from Nubia. Then going onto his successful campaign in Egypt. Giving-up the possibility of finding the Ethiopian Fountain of Youth then. Few Historical Documents tell of Alexanders "STOP" by the Black Nubian's, and the "alleged" Ethiopian Fountain of Youth.

Others say a Fountain of Youth was just off the coast of Florida. At a place called "Bimini". According to the Black Natives Arawak Indians of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, and Cuba it was. Bimini was said to be a land to the north according to them. Where there was a river, a spring, and a fountain that had such miraculous curative powers. That any Old Person who bathed in and drank from the waters, would regain their youth. Long after Alexanders times. Juan Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth there. Never finding it. Just like Alexander never found such waters in his times.

When the Spanish heard Native American stories of a Youth-rendering Spring in a Land of Plenty. They could not help but believe they had found the wonderful Fountain of Youth at last. Because the concept of a Fountain of Youth was not new to Europeans when they heard of it in the Caribbean. Because they had prior heard of it from Alexanders times. The very last excursion of Ponce de Leon ended in the vicinity of the modern Port Charlotte, Florida. Within a very short distance from the site of his last battle lies Warm Mineral Springs there. This Spring has been in use for thousands of years, and I've identified a Ley Line crosses it as well. As I've also identified one crossing the Bimini Islands. Both of which are Yang Ley Lines, which produce Acidic Waters that are good to "bathing" in. But also good to drink from periodically. In order to rid the body of Unwanted Bacteria and Fungi. I told you this could all be explained via "SCIENCE". Even though it's all still of legend.
Herodotus mentioned a fountain containing a very special kind of water located in the land of the Ethiopians. He attributes the exceptional longevity of the Ethiopians to this water in his times. !Today. There is no longer any mystery to what special properties these waters had. And today I can and do create such water. Via the knowledge of "SCIENCE". Back in a day, it appeared to be "MAGIC" to those Peoples of Old. What was their "MAGIC", is our "SCIENCE" today. The science of ionizing water in order to sustain or to rejuvenate our youth. !Yes. This is the same. Back in their times such waters were naturally created all via Mother Earth. All via a very complexed system of Earth Energies. Which some call Yin and Yang Energies, or Ley Lines. I dub myself to be an expert on such Natural Earth Energies. They which run all along the Earth. Which I have discovered the Grid of. I've also written books and web sites on the subject.
Books about these alleged Magical Yin and Yang, or Ley Lines that cross the Earth in complexed geometric patterns. They which all create a very complexed Earth Grid of Energy. It's not "MAGIC", as I said earlier. It's merely "SCIENCE". A science that I throughly understand now. One which I now employ, in order to create my Healing Water. Waters that are crossed by such Earth Energies are ionized as such. Which explains the presence of the many Sacred Waters of old. The Ancient Egyptians and others understood the same process/es we today use to ionize water. And they proved such knowledge via the construction of their Sacred Temple's and Baths. A knowledge that was later passed-along to the Ancient Greeks. Which they used as Sacred Baths. So did the Ancient Peruvians. And many others around the world.
I wrote a book call "Sacred Sites and Ley Lines" many years ago about the locations of all of these Sacred Waters of Old. When I learned of their alleged magical properties then. Which are the same properties you'll get with my water. Water some have even dubbed "HOLY WATER". !What ever? It's "SCIENCE". It's all just "SCIENCE". A science I now throughly understand. And now I'm presenting it to the world. My extensive knowledge of such water. As I manipulate water to create "this", a Special Water. Changing it's form, to make it not only a Hydroxyl Water (which is not actually Water in it's H2O form). I go beyond that to create a Oxygenated Water. Something that's loaded with Life-Giving Oxygen. Enough said about it now. Because I very well mean to maintain my trade secret. 
Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.