Please note that Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. The Said Magnetic Healing Therapist. Do not have, nor do he require, any License to practice Magnetic Healing Therapy. As per the State of Colorado currently. As there are currently no Specific Licensing Programs for the various forms of "Alternative Medicine" in the State. Which includes his Magnetic Healing Therapy. Mr. McCoy as a Rare-Earth Magnetic Therapist. Magnetic Therapist Holistic Practitioner. Those which are his advertised titles. He who has been practicing Magnetic Therapy since 2006 here in Colorado. His Practice which proceeds any Future Colorado Regulations or Laws that could be imposed to govern and/or regulate it.

Also note that, if Clients use only their own and/or Private "out of pocket" Funds to pay for service. No Certification or License is required, for any "In-Home" or "Out-of-Home" Services by Mr. McCoy. With that said. Mr. McCoy "DO NOT" and "WILL NOT" accept any Medicaid or Medicare payment/s. Or any other Health Care Payments for his services. And only the Clients "out of pocket" or simular payments will be accepted by him.

The agreed fee for services being $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) per hour for his services. Payments which will not be paid to him until he gets proven results for the Said Client who signed below. Such proven results which will include the "felling of physical well being" from the Said Client. Which also defines as the Clients "positive feeling/s" after a healing session. And of Physical Feeling. As well as proven Ex-Rays of the Clients Cancer/s and/or Tumor/s, loss or stoppage/s.  And/or Ex-Rays of the Said Clients Sports and/or Sports Related Injury. After the healing session. And/or after several healing sessions.

Mr. McCoy. The Said Magnetic Therapist. Who'll agreed to provide "only 1" of such free healing sessions before the Said Client is required to make payment. Mr. McCoy who'll then require the payment of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) after the end of the 2nd healing session. With no exceptions. Then $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars U.S.) each recurring healing session thereafter.

Note that prior to any Appointment in your home, a Quiet and Safe Atmosphere must be achieved. With no distractions from others during your In-Home Appointment. No children, friends, etc... No one else should be present during your Appointment except yourself. Because this is your "Personal Appointment", not theirs. Mr. McCoy does not perform Therapy on Pregnant Women. Since Strong Magnetic Forces can interfere with the Fetus. And he also does not preform Magnetic Therapy of Young Children below the age of 10. Also he does not perform Group Healing. And only 1 Client per Appointment will be allowed by him.

Also the Area you choose to have your In-Home Appointment in must be free of all the following items in the Table below here. As Mr. McCoy will introduce Powerful Magnetic Forces in that Area once he arrives. If you cannot provide a Quiet and Safe Atmosphere with no distractions from others during your In-Home Appointment. Then he will arrange one in his home for you then. As per his choosing. He will decide or not if your appointment will be in his home or not.

Credit Cards Watches, Jewelry Computer Disks Zip Drives Pace Makers
Video Tapes Televisions Hearing Devices Stereos Video Camera's
Clocks Cellular Phones Digital Camera's Computers Audio Tapes
Human Infants Small Metal-Objects Battery devices Batteries Eye Glasses
Defibrillators Insulin Pumps Nicotine Patch's Medication Patch's Pets of all kind
Any Kitchen Tablewear and Other Items of all kind that's magnetic
Any and all Magnetic Items

During the appointment. All and/or any of these above items should be kept at least 4-6 feet away once he introduce Powerful "Magnetic Forces" into that particular Area. Any damage to, and/or personal injury or "death". Caused by the Said Magnet Therapist "Magnetic Forces". Due to the Said Clients negligence. They who "did not" strictly follow the previous instructions. "Shall not" be the fault of Mr. McCoy (the Magnetic Therapist). He "shall not" be held responsible for such then or thereafter.


The Said Client is also aware, and acknowledge that they "CANNOT" receive any of the said services, if they are PREGNANT. And also if they are wearing, or wear any; HEARING DEVICE, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP, NICOTINE PATCH/S, MEDICATIONS PATCH/ES, STEROIDS, and Other SPORTS ENHANCING MEDICATIONS. And/or any HEART PACE MAKER, or SIMILAR DEVICE And/or if they have any OPEN AND BLEEDING WOMBS. And/or if they have taken SLEEPING PILLS within the pat 24 hours. And also if Said Client have been prior aware of, and informed of, their impending "DEATH" to come. Due to an Ailment, Illness, and/or condition. By an Approved Medical Professional. As their later death cannot then be blamed on the said Magnetic Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.". It will not be his fault.

The Said Client will also inform Mr. McCoy (the Said Magnetic Therapist) if they have any METAL DENTAL WORK such as Metal Filling. And/or have received a Localized CORTISONE INJECTION in the past 2-3 weeks. Also if they have Metallic Strips after a Surgical Operation inside of their body. Or if they also have Convulsions. Have open wounds or during the period of menstruation. If they had just had a meal, or one and half hour following a meal. Have placed a Magnet on their head for a period exceeding 48 hours prior to Magnetic Therapy. Failure to inform Mr. McCoy of these things, could result of injury to their person. This I the Said Client acknowledge here and now, and I will take full responsibility, should I not inform Mr. McCoy prior. 

I the Said Client am also fully aware, that if I should conceal such information, then become physically damaged because of it. Or my Fetus and/or Unborn Child due to my deliberate concealment of such Grave and Important Facts. It will be no fault to the Said Therapist above. Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. And he shall not be held liable for such damages then. Also acknowledging that this Document shall cover the Said Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr.", for all future and Recurring Appointments with me. Either on or in my Home, my Business, and/or my Recreational Premises. His Premises. Or any other Premises. Regardless of the location. I the Said Client fully understand all of the above, and Prior Information. And I also deem myself as "FULLY MENTALLY COMPETENT" before signing here below. And the Said Therapist can indeed refuse me his services if he so feels that I am indeed concealing information of any of the above Grave and Important Facts.

And I the Said Client accept the Terms and the Fees for such said services above. And also waive any rights to bring suit against the Said Magnetic Therapist "Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr." For "any" claimed Damages. Property and/or Liability. By so signing I the Said Client have waived any such rights. I also acknowledge all of the said instructions prior. And if I fail to adherent to them, it will be none other than my own fault if I should do so. And I the Said Client am also responsible for all damages to property and any such liability claims from others immediately in the Magnetic Therapy Appointment Area. Who should not of course be there in the first place, as said by Mr. Antonio Mark McCoy Sr. prior. As said prior in this Information Sheet.

I, ___________________________________________________ have read and acknowledge (agree to) all of the previous Information.

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 FULL SIGNATURE                                                               DATE

FULL HOME ADDRESS                                                                                                                                                              TELEPHONE NUMBER AND/OR E-MAIL ADDRESS

I witnessed the above acknowledgment on the above/said date.
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